EFT Manual Part 1

Part 1: Intro to Tapping Technique

EFT Tapping business successThis EFT manual will introduce you to the basics of EFT tapping and give you an overview of what emotional tapping is all about.

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Part 1 of this EFT manual will give you the basics and the early origins of meridian tapping.

If you want or don’t need all this background and want to jump ahead, click here for the short version of the tapping points.

Roots of Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Tapping is a from of Energy Psychology that has its roots in methods that are at least 4500 years old.

Specific points on the skin are stimulated and result in scientifically measurable neurological effects.

Tapping can be used to help overcome a wide range of emotional, psychological and physical problems.

EFT is the psychological acupressure technique that is gaining momentum in the fields of medicine and psychotherapy.

EFT technique is easy and quick to learn. In 15 minutes, you’ll be ready to do it yourself.

Once you’ve done the process a few times, you’ll be able to use tapping on your own to improve your life in many ways.

Tapping will help you:

-      feel happier

-      be more calm and peaceful

-      have more energy

-      be more creative and resourceful

-      have easier relationships

-      increase your professional success

-      reduce cravings

-      reduce or eliminate pain

-      be more productive and effective

Psychological Acupressure

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure.

It uses the same energy meridians which have been used in traditional acupuncture for over five thousand years.

But EFT is non-invasive.  No needles are used.

Instead, you simply tap on the acupuncture point, stimulating the meridian with energy.

At the same time, you think about your specific problem.

This can be a disturbing memory, past trauma, a current difficulty or emotional upset, a goal or intention.

What Do You Do?

While tapping on the specific points on your head and chest, you give voice, first to the problem, and then to your desired outcome.

The combination of stimulating the energy meridians and voicing the thoughts – while feeling the emotions – works to clear what was previously a stuck energetic pattern.

Where you previously could see and feel only one way about a situation or past event…

…the process of moving the energy while activating thoughts and emotions about it, clears the emotional block that was previously keeping you stuck in a dysfunctional state.

It clears the block in your body’s bioenergy system and restores your mind and body to balance.

This allows new, more empowering, resourceful, creative, healthy, loving, joyful and peaceful thoughts and emotions to emerge.

It Looks So Silly!

EFT tapping points, collarbone

Now, many people (I was one of them), are put off by the looks and sounds of emotional tapping at first.

Let’s face it, it looks silly.

Tapping on your head to clear a bad mood?

And to many, it seems unscientific.  Without previous experience or knowledge of the electromagnetic energy that flows through our body

– and how it affects our thoughts, emotions and physical health, we may not be able to make any sense of how or why it could work.

The research supporting this approach is still in its early stages.

Still, therapists and individuals have reported thousands of effective treatments.

But I can tell you that EFT tapping absolutely works. That’s why so many therapists have switched from talk-based techniques to tapping techniques.

That’s also why so many medical practitioners worldwide are now using tapping.

This manual will give you an overview of:

-       where to tap

-       how to tap

-       what to say when you’re tapping

-       affirmation techniques

So you can immediately begin using EFT to help yourself and others.

It will also give you some more advanced emotional tapping practices and way to use Emotional Freedom Tapping to increase your abundance in all areas of your life.

What’s Next?

Sign up for the free EFT Video Course (get a printable EFT manual when you do) or go to EFT Tapping Manual Part 2



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March 12, 2011 Update on the Tapping Summit.

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