EFT Manual Part 3, EFT Tapping Points

Tapping Technique and Tapping Chart


Here’s a quick look at the EFT tapping points and a tapping chart you can download.  Use this as your EFT tapping guide.

You can tap on one or both sides of the body.  Tap with several fingers to maximize your chances of hitting the actual energy meridian.  For a much more detailed description of how to tap, what the tapping points are and a more thorough and informative guide, see EFT Guide.

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Set-Up:  Karate Chop Point

Tap the fleshy outside part of one hand the the fingers of the other hand.

Karate Chop


Tapping Points:

1. Eyebrow

Tap with one-three fingers at the starting point of the eyebrows.

EFT Tapping Points - Eyebrow Point Eyebrow


2. Side of Eye

Tap with several fingers, gently on the temple and bony orbit on the outer edge of the eye.

EFT Tapping Points - Side of Eye Side of Eye


3. Under Eye

Tap with two or three fingers on the bony ridge just under the eye – gently!

EFT Tapping Points - Under Eye Under Eye


4. Under Nose

Tap right in the center point between the nose and mouth.  Use the pressure of your middle finger.

EFT Tapping Points - Under Nose Under Nose


5. Chin

Tap right in the center, at the indentation of your chin.  The middle finger pressure is what counts.

EFT Tapping Points - Chin Point Chin


6. Collarbone

Tap firmly, with three fingers, on either side of the sternum and just below the collarbone.  You can alternatively use one hand – the thumb on one side of the sternum, your fingers on the other.

EFT Tapping Points - Collarbone Point Collarbone


7. Under Arm

Tap or slap firmly, with several fingers or your whole hand, anywhere along the ribs under the armpit.  If one place hurts, tap there.

EFT Tapping Points - Under Arm Under Arm


8. Top of Head

Tap with all five fingers of one hand, in a circular motion, to cover the many meridians crossing over the head.

EFT Tapping Points, Top of Head Top of Head


Also, for lots more information, check out my 10 Top Tapping Technique Tips.

Here is a tapping chart that will help you as you learn the EFT tapping points. Remember – all points are approximate locations.  You don’t have to get it exactly right for it to be effective.

Do you have a favorite point or additional points you like to tap on?  Leave a comment below and tell us about ‘em!


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