EFT Tapping Manual Part 2

Tapping Technique for Tapping Therapy

EFT Tapping is Easy
EFT Tapping is Easy!

It’s easy…

to learn how to do EFT tapping.

In this EFT guide, you learn how to do emotional tapping.

The tapping technique is only a mystery until you’ve learned the basics.

Soon you’ll be effective at using tapping therapy with your own emotional issues and blocks like procrastination.

Even consider using emotional freedom tapping if you have a headache or feel like you’re coming down with something.  I’m still continually amazed at how EFT works on things I’ve never considered using it on.

Confidence Boosters

Several things can boost your tapping technique quickly and build your comfort with meridian tapping:

–       reading articles

–       taking a workshop

–       do a few sessions with an EFT practitioner (most offer phone sessions)

–       do EFT yourself whenever you get upset or feel stuck

Just Takes a Few Minutes

You can learn the basic EFT principals in just a few minutes.

All you need is a tapping chart so you get a reminder of where the points are and some guidance about what to say.

With a little practice, you can get relief from EFT in less than 10 minutes. And it’s free!

That means that in 10 minutes or less, you can go from stuck and confused to clear, energized and focused.  If you haven’t experienced it before, I think you’ll be amazed at the quick results.

Tapping Points

You’ll learn the tapping points the first few times you do EFT.  After that, they’ll be second nature – automatic.

You do want to learn the locations of the tapping points…

… and you want to be tapping in the best location for stimulating the meridian, you don’t need to worry about being absolutely precise.

This is why we generally tap with several fingers, to maximize the chances of hitting the mark.

It’s All In the Fingertips

You’ll doing EFT tapping with your fingertips.

That’s brilliant in two ways.

First, many meridians start or end at the fingertips.  So, as you tap, you’ll be stimulating the energy meridians on the fingertips.  This is why it’s better to tap with your fingertips than with an object or another body part.

Second, you’re tapping on specific energy meridians and stimulating them too.

Tap On One Side or Both?

Research can measure and record the electrical stimulation of acupuncture needles.  That research shows us that even if the meridian is stimulated on just one side of the body, the matching meridian on the other side is stimulated too. .

This means you can tap on just one side of the body and you’ll get a whole body effect.

You Can Tap With Either Hand

You can tap on both sides of the body, one side, or even switch sides or hands as you tap.

For example, you can start tapping beside the right eye, then tap under the left eye, tap on both sides of the collar bone and end up under the right arm.

All that said, it is still my preference to tap on both sides when I can.

I do it for brain balancing.

Our right brain controls the left side of the body, and our left brain controls the right.

So I tap with both hands, on both sides of my body, to help keep both hemispheres of my brain engaged.

I think that helps with arriving at creative alternatives to the challenge I’m using EFT tapping on.


Natalie Hill

p.s. For a free copy of the entire EFT manual, ready for printing or reading on your computer, just sign up above.

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