What Can EFT Tapping Do?

What’s the Big Deal About Tapping Therapy – Emotional Tapping?

EFT Tapping TherapyThis post will…

…increase your understanding of EFT tapping or EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Emotional Freedom Tapping.

You’ll have a better idea of what tapping therapy, or emotional tapping can do.  In fact, it can …

* turn procrastination into decisive action.

* transform the troubling memories into peace and understanding.

* relax anxiety into calm confidence.

* overcome anger and resentment.

* increase success and abundance.

We all form habitual patterns of thought, emotion, movement, speech, behavior.  The neurological pathways that enable these patterns get stronger with use.  They are like an endless internal loop.  A smell, sight, words we hear or think, a tone of voice, an image – all can trigger a set of painful or joyful emotions and their related thoughts and beliefs.

You know the expression he “pushes my buttons?”  Although we don’t have real buttons, what happens is close to the truth.  When your button gets pushed, you are triggered and you’re powerless to do anything but automatically go into your pattern.

When that happens, you’re like a puppet.  No choice but the react the same way over and over.

So what can you do?

You can learn a simple tool that cuts the puppet strings and gives the control back to you.  This tool is called EFT tapping (or EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques).

It puts your emotions and thoughts back in your control instead of under the control of some invisible programming that’s keeping you unhappy, stuck, angry, anxious, unsuccessful, resentful, etc.

Let’s use the example of a memory that keeps replaying and thoughts of what was said, what you saw, the scene keeps replaying.  And you keep feeling the emotion too.

The memory and all the troubling thoughts and emotions just keep haunting you.

What’s been found is if you stimulate the body’s meridian system while in the state of the haunting memory, the intensity of the negative emotions and the related limiting thoughts and beliefs can be reduced, transformed or eliminated.

You bring up your memory – or think about who you’re angry or resentful at while you are sending little electrical charges around your body – into all the organ systems and the brain and

- the circuits get repaired

- instead of being stuck int your previous state of feeling despair, or terror or helplessness or fury at the memory of the event,

- instead of continuously replaying what was said

- you get a distance from it all.  You feel calm about it.

People often feel a sense of peace, a greater understanding of the whole event – a sense of understanding, awareness, peace, even forgiveness.

The previous change, – with all the related emotions and inability to do anything different can be greatly reduced or even vanish.

Let me walk your through how it’s done

You might expect that you’d need some complex and expensive equipment to stimulate the body’s energy system and organ systems.  Or that you need to do some painful and invasive procedure like acupuncture to make contact with the body’s energy system.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated, painful or expensive.

You have the power to transform yourself right in your own fingertips.

What I’ve learned is that EFT is, at its most basic form, only three simple steps…

The Basic EFT Tapping Process

1. You activate the state by thinking about your issue.

2. You relax the mental gatekeepers that don’t want to change.

3. You stimulate the energy meridian system while in thinking and feeling the emotions of your issue.

Basically, that’s it.  Your body’s natural healing mechanisms do the rest.

When the body’s energy systems are no longer in the stuck, endless loop pattern or replaying a bad memory or of repeating the trigger and the resulting negative emotion, you become calm, focused, resourceful, energized, compassionate, peaceful.

Now, there are lots of ways that I and others have evolved and fine-tuned the process to make it work better with trauma, fear, anger, headaches, limiting beliefs, anxiety, chronic illness, depression, etc.

But it all still comes down to these three little steps:

1.  Activate the state

2.  Relax your resistance

3.  Stimulate the energy system

That’s it.

That’s the basic EFT tapping process.

Where to go from here?

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