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YouTube EFT – Emotional Tapping Explained

I thought you might enjoy this EFT tapping video with Cheryl Richardson describing how she uses Emotional Freedom Tapping therapy.  This Emotional Freedom Tapping video is part of my EFT videos series.

On this You Tube EFT video, she explains to power of emotional tapping to increase self love and acceptance.  And she tells a great story of a time she used Emotional Freedom Techniques with a smoking mom.  Surprising result.

“There’s a big part of physical illness that’s directly related to an inability to forgive oneself.  An inability to accept oneself, even with the illness,” Cheryl says.

I totally agree with that.  If we do not accept our feelings and the current state of our body.  We are actually setting up an inner conflict, an inner argument, that will serve to keep the current physical state the way it is.

By forgiving ourselves and accepting our limitations, our mistakes, our personalities, our current life state…

…we have set the stage for allowing powerful change to take place in our lives.

Emotional tapping can help us bring about powerful change.  And it all begins with the set-up statement, of “Even though I have this problem, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

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Natalie Hill

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