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EFT Meridian Tapping Points

This page leaves no Tapping Point stone unturned.

You can watch a video on the tapping points, see photos of me tapping the points and read descriptions of the EFT Tapping Points you will use in Tapping.  This EFT guide will give you the basics for effective Emotional Tapping.

When you’re done with this page, you’ll be a tapping point pro.

EFT Tapping Points Video

Also, for more information, see my post of 10 Tapping Technique Tips.

With a little practice, you’ll quickly be successful at doing EFT as Gary Craig, Emotional Freedom Technique founder taught.  For more information on how to do Emotional Freedom Tapping, see the EFT tapping manual.  Sign up at the top for a free copy of the whole manual, ready for printing or easy reading online.

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Set-Up: Karate Chop Point

EFT Tapping Points - Karate Chop Point Karate Chop Point

This is the place you tap while you say your  EFT tapping set-up.  You start your tapping technique with some variation of  “Even though I have this problem, I accept myself anyway.”

Tap on the fleshy outer edge of either or both hands. Use four fingers of the opposite hand, as shown in the photo.

This is one of the body’s bilateral meridians.  The most common way to tap here is to use the fingers of one hand to tap on the fleshy karate chop area of the other.  You can either tap on just one hand or alternate hands.

You can even tap on the karate chop point of one hand with the karate chop point of the other hand.

This point gets its name from the way a karate expert might break a board or brick with this part of the hand.

Both the Small Intestine Meridian and Heart Meridian run along this part of the hand.

Tapping Points

Eyebrow Point

EFT Tapping Points - Eyebrow Point Eyebrow Point

Most EFT masters begin with the Eyebrow Point and work down the face and torso and end at the top of the head.

Tap right at the beginning of one or both eyebrows. Use one, two or three fingers here.

You can use one hand and tap, using three fingers, so that your pointer finger hits the beginning point of one eyebrow and your ring finger hits the starting point of the other eyebrow.

Here you see me tapping on both sides with one hand, using my pointer finger on one side and ring finger on the other.

When I have two hands available, I always tap with two hands. But sometimes it’s more convenient to tap with just one hand.  It actually works equally well both ways.

The Bladder Meridian begins at the start of the eyebrows. It’s a bilateral meridian, and you can easily tap on both sides.

Side of Eye

EFT Tapping Points - Side of Eye Side of Eye

Tap on the bony ridge just outside the eye and on the softer temple. Use two or three fingers.

It’s ok to tap on the whole temple area.

This area is the beginning or end point of three different bilateral acupuncture meridians.  That means that if you use several fingers and cover a wider area, you’ll be stimulating more meridians.

The more meridians you stimulate, the more likely you are to get energy moving in the meridian where it might be stuck. So until science tells me differently, I opt for hitting more acupuncture meridians.

The Small Intestine Meridian passes by here and ends at the ear. The Triple Warmer Meridian ends at the temple. The Bladder Meridian begins just outside the eye.

Under Eye

EFT Tapping Points - Under Eye Under Eye

Tap right on the bony area just under the eye. Tap with one hand or two and use two fingers.

This is a tender area, so take it easy.

This is the beginning point of the Stomach Meridian. You may have heard Roger Callahan’s famous story about this meridian.  He stumbled upon the origins of his legendary Thought Field Therapy tapping method when he cured his client, “Mary,” by tapping on this Stomach Meridian point.

Callahan tapped on Mary’s Under Eye point, and Mary said the “sick feeling” she had when she thought of water, was gone. Mary went to Callahan’s pool, splashed water in her face and discovered her lifelong fear of water had vanished.

Callahan went on to invent Thought Field Therapy (TFT), the method that lead to Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique.

Under Nose

EFT Tapping Points - Under Nose Under Nose

Tap between the nose and mouth. The tapping technique here is to tap right in the center, using just pressure from your middle finger.

Use only one hand here – otherwise you might miss the meridian altogether – as it’s smack dab in the center.

This EFT tapping point is the end point of the Governing Meridian. Since this is a single meridian, right in the mid line of your face, you want to make sure to tap right in the center.  That’s why it’s best to tap this point with one hand only.


EFT Tapping Points - Chin Point Chin Point

Tap in the dip between your lower lip and the chin.

Use two or three fingers of just one hand, as this is another single meridian.  And put the pressure on your middle finger to stimulate the Central Meridian.

The chin point is the ending point of the Central Meridian.  The Central Meridian runs from the pubic bone straight up to the chin.

The Central Meridian is important in keeping your energy flowing in a positive direction and keeping you resistant to other’s negativity or criticism.

This is a good place to tap before heading into a contentious meeting or conflict resolution setting.


EFT Tapping Points - Collarbone Point Collarbone Point

Find the collarbone point by first tracing your collarbone (clavicle) to the center notch.

Drop to the bottom of the notch and go down another inch. Move your fingers out one inch to either side of the notch.  You really can’t go wrong if you just tap on both sides of the chest, just under the collarbone.

You can really tap firmly here. You can use two hands (as pictured) or tap with one hand.

To hit these EFT tapping points with one hand, use your thumb to tap one side and three fingers to tap the other side.

These points are the end points of the very important Kidney Meridian.

According to Donna Eden, tapping here “flips your energies around if they have started flowing backward.” Stimulating the kidney meridian can make you more alert and awake and help you think more clearly.

I tap on these points often when my energy is lagging or I want to concentrate and be alert (driving, writing this article) and I’m feeling a little drowsy.

Under Arm

EFT Tapping Points - Under Arm Under Arm

Tap about four inches below the armpit right in the middle of your side, along your shirt seam.  For women, this point is usually in the middle of a bra strap.

Tap with three or four fingers or even slap with a flat hand.

You can tap with your arms on the same side of your body (feeling like a monkey – as pictured), or cross your arms over and tap with opposite hands.

The under arm EFT tapping point is the Spleen Meridian. The spleen meridian ends by going from the armpit straight down to about the middle of the ribs.

If I find a sore point along the Spleen Meridian path, I tap there.  That can indicate energy stagnation in the meridian – stuck energy.

Stimulating the Spleen Meridian can help to lift your energy level, balance your blood chemistry and strengthen your immune system.

Top of Head

EFT Tapping Points, Top of Head Top of Head

Tap the top of the head with all five fingers. There are several different EFT tapping points here.

Tap in a circular pattern to cover a large area on the top of the head.  You can imagine you are tapping the whole area that would be covered by a beanie.

If you look at a meridian chart, you’ll see that many meridians run over the head. These include the Governing Meridian, Bladder Meridian and Gall Bladder Meridian.

According to Chinese Medicine, tapping the top of the head stimulates all the Yang Meridians (Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, Stomach, Bladder, Gall Bladder).

Those are the EFT Tapping points and some extra information I though you might enjoy.

Now that you know the tapping points, seems like it’s time to put them to use – right?

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