EFT Video Demonstration – Tell the Story Tapping Technique

EFT Tapping Technique for Letting Go fo Trauma

In this EFT video demonstration, you’ll learn a tapping technique that you’ll use over and over again.  It’s a great tapping method to use to introduce EFT to someone who wants to tell you their story.

And, it’s great for tapping on accidents, like the one I tell about in this video.

This method is one you’ll use over and over.

Here are some situations when the Tell the Story technique is a good choice:

  • You find yourself telling a story over and over – either in your head or to others
  • You can’t get something that happened “out of your mind.
  • You’re introducing EFT to a child or group of children who have just experienced an upsetting incident
  • A friend or loved on is upset about an incident and is telling you about it – if they don’t know EFT, you can just tap as they tell the story and ask them to follow your movements as they talk
  • You’re not sure what to tap on because you’re too upset or confused
  • You want to clear any remaining residue from a past incident
  • To reduce the charge from any memory


Tapping on severely traumatic incidents alone, or without professional training, can increase the severity of the trauma.  Do not attempt to use EFT by yourself on highly charged traumas, or what are commonly called Big T traumas. These include events involving violence, abuse, shock or horror.

Tapping is excellent at reducing and eliminating the these traumas, but only in the hands of an experienced professional.

This is the method to use if you are systematically clearing all your traumatic memories.  Just remember to get help for any Big T traumas.

I’ve done hundreds of hours of tapping on my issues, but I’ve not tapped alone on the events around the night of my dad’s murder.  I’ve done a lot of tapping on it, but always in the secure hands of a pro.

Your question of the day:  After watching this EFT video demonstration, what was your most dramatic result, using the Tell the Story EFT technique?


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