EFT YouTube Video: How Long to Tap on One Subject

In this EFT YouTube video, I answer a reader’s question:  How long should I tap on one subject?

I answer this question by explaining how you tap to clear the negative impact of a disturbing event using EFT, or Emotional Freedom tapping.

In this video, I use the example of a client of mine I call Terry.  Terry was triggered by a supervisor in her job.  The trigger made Terry feel terror and rage when she interacted with her supervisor, and especially when Terry saw her supervisor’s eyebrows move into a certain position.

When I explored what might be the original cause of the upset Terry was experiencing today, Terry remembered an incident when she was three.  She was awake early on the weekend.  Her parents had told her she had to be quiet and avoid waking them up in the morning.

So Terry got the inspiration to make a crayon drawing.  So she did.

Right on the wall next to her bed.  She was so proud!

Her father, however, was enraged when he saw her drawing and yell at and spank Terry.

By tapping, we were able to neutralize the trauma from the event and release the trigger Terry felt when she saw her supervisor’s eyebrows.

We were also able to discover and transform the limiting beliefs Terry formed during the incident – beliefs that have continued to limit her throughout her life.

This is the power of EFT and how you can get emotional freedom from tapping.

I hope you’ll understand why I couldn’t simply answer the original question in this YouTube EFT video – how long do I tap on one subject.  Since the answer lies in much more than how long to tap.

Many blessings,


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