Find Out About EFT – Easiest Tapping Method of All

Tapping Technique for ANYONE – You don’t have to say a word.

If you want to find out about EFT, there’s no better place to start than with this simple, powerful procedure.  Even after over seven years of tapping nearly every day, I still use this technique often.

Just Tap

This is an EFT method you can use to calm rattled emotions and racing thoughts.

As you’ll see in the video, you don’t use the EFT Set Up and you don’t say any words at all while tapping.  If you’ve been tapping, using the EFT “Basic Recipe,” you may be surprised at how effective this technique is.

Remember – if you’re tuned into your emotions, your body or your thoughts about an issue, the energy of that issue will be active in your meridian system.

If you tap in that active state, you’ll move the energy, change your brain and body chemistry.  Science has shown that tapping reduces cortisol levels in the body. Since cortisol is a stress hormone, that’s tangible evidence that Tapping reduces stress in the body.

Since stress is the major contributor to disease of all kinds and every mental health issue, this is not a small thing.  If there was a stress-relieving drug that was as effective as EFT (and with no side effects, like EFT) it would be selling like mad.

This Just Tap method is especially useful when…

  • You want to feel better, but are too upset to think straight
  • You’d like to use EFT, but can’t figure out what to say
  • You don’t really know the problem
  • You’re too tired or too lazy to do anything more elaborate
  • You’d rather just be open and accepting of your feelings and tap while experiencing them
  • A more relaxed or meditative approach to EFT feels right
  • You want to help another person, by tapping on them while they cower, cry, shake, rage or vent
  • You’re introducing EFT to someone
  • You want to comfort a baby or child

It’s one of the easiest of all the EFT methods…

…and it’s very effective.

And since the very best way to find out about EFT is to use it, here’s your question . . .

Your Question for the day:  What happened for you when you used Just Tap?



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