How Does EFT Work?

I have just listened to an interview Karin Davidson did of David Feinstein.  I’m not sure if the interview was called How Does EFT Work, but it should have been!

David Feinstein is the author of the book The Promise of Energy Psychology, with Gary Craig and Donna Eden (David’s wife). It is THE best written, most scholarly and most comprehensive book on how and why EFT works (in my humble opinion!).

In this interview, David uses PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as an example to explain what happens in the brain when we experience trauma that triggers PTSD.

It’s the same mechanism that triggers angry outbursts or terrified reactions to seemingly trivial events.

While I’d like to explain it to you here, I need to let you learn it directly from David, because honestly, I don’t understand it well enough.

Listening to the interview will give you some scientific basis of why and how EFT works.  I’m asked how does EFT work often, and I never feel like I come up with a very intelligent answer.

Listen to David, and you’re likely to get it.

Click here to listen to the interview.


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