EFT Video Course Day 6

Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of your EFT training course.  Today you’ll the super-secret Stealth Tapping!

This is a very handy tapping technique you can use whenever you either don’t want to draw attention to yourself by tapping.  You can even use this method when you don’t have the energy to raise your arm to tap.

This is also a very “handy” method to use on another person.  If you’re with someone who is in distress, you can ask if you can tap their fingers.  Just hold one of their hands in yours and tap their finger points with your other hand.

I used this method while tapping with my sister to help her clear the trauma of breaking her arm, soon after losing her husband.  Read more about EFT technique for grief and grieving.

It feels comforting and helps clear their trauma.

I made this video from my apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand near the time of the Loy Krathong festival. Hear any firecrackers in the background?


p.s. Leave your reactions, experiences and comments about Stealth Tapping below!

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