EFT Video Course Day 7 – Why Be Negative?

I Must Have Positive Thoughts!

Right?  Weren’t you taught by your family to “be nice,” to be polite, to be kind?

And now you’re taught by all the positive thinking gurus to only think positive thoughts.

This message is reinforced by the teachers of the Law of Attraction.

The LOA says like attracts like – right?  So if we think bad things and say bad things…

…bad things will surely come our way.

And I agree!

Actually, I know this to be true.

And I suggest you say every negative, nasty, petty thing you are thinking and feeling when doing EFT.

Watch the video and you’ll see why .

This is another video I shot in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in my apartment at the Loft Residence.

I look forward to your comments, suggestions and questions.  Leave them below.


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Natalie Hill is a Transformational Coach for women entrepreneurs. She loves empowering women to bust through their blocks so they can be who they were born to be. Contact Natalie at Google+

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