Venting in EFT

And this video was made from a wooden “nest” jutting out over the beach at The Alternative, a bar/restaurant/hotel in El Nido, Philippines.

The value of venting is huge…

…but only if you do it while tapping the meridian points.

Although research is still being done to determine the reasons for EFT’s effectiveness, one theory is that when we hold a stressful thought and emotion, while tapping the stress-relief acupuncture points, we are retraining our mind to be calm in the face of that issue.

Regardless of the reason or reasons for EFT working – it does.  If you’re still a skeptic, hanging on the fence, give it a sincere try – when you’re feeling crummy.  The venting technique is a great one to use when feeling crummy.

Vent away!


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