10 EFT Tapping Technique Tips, YouTube EFT

EFT Videos Series: 10 Emotional Tapping Therapy Tips

Want to get more results from your EFT tapping?  Or do you sometimes feel like emotional tapping is just too complicated?  Or it’s too hard to figure out what to say?

This video shows you ten powerful and innovative ways to use tapping therapy to attract a life of abundance.

Got a favorite tapping tip?

Let us know which tip you especially like.

Or maybe you’d like more information on how to do one of more of the tips.  I’d love that information.  I’ll answer you in a new article or another video.

Here are some helpful links to add to the YouTube EFT video.  Check out the EFT manual articles for instruction on how to tap.  Learn more about the EFT tapping points.

Read three EFT tapping articles talking all the Inner Lifeguard.


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