EFT Tapping Techniques

Tapping Techniques and EFT Guide

EFT Tapping can improve your emotional well-being, your ability to attract abundance, and your happiness.

Emotional tapping, or tapping therapy can significantly improve your life by shifting the patterns that regulate your well-being, success and joy.

This site is your EFT guide. It gives you powerful and easy-to-use tapping techniques.

By using EFT…

- Anxiety often disappears in minutes.

- Lifetime limiting impact of an early trauma can frequently be cleared in one or two sessions.

- Anger can be reduced or eliminated.

- Depression can often be lifted without drugs.

- Performance in business, sports, school, music or acting can be raised to new heights.

- Complex and interwoven issues can be divided into single limiting beliefs and troubling emotional responses that are cleared one by one.

- Physical problems and health issues may improve when other treatments haven’t worked.

- Weight often drops off easily when the hidden sources of on-going anxiety are removed.

Change Your Brain; Change Your Life

EFT Tapping can quickly shift limiting beliefs, behaviors and feelings because your brain chemistry actually changes in the process. In the hands of a skilled EFT practitioner, the results can be remarkable – and life-changing.

But maybe the most powerful element of EFT is that you can do it yourself to change your own life.

Sure, you can hire one of the many talented practitioners on this rapidly growing field of energy psychology.

But, when you learn to use the process yourself, you have the power to rapidly improve your own life.

What Can this do?

EFT Tapping can…

- dramatically reduce unwanted emotions like anger, guilt, shame, fear, jealousy, dread

- help improve or eliminate unhelpful habits and behaviors

- increase your ability to succeed, love and enjoy life.

Anyone who learns and uses EFT can be more successful in life while experiencing greater inner peace and emotional control.

How to Get Started

The easiest way to learn how to do EFT is by watching.  Sign up for my EFT video course and I’ll take you through the best EFT methods.  With that course, you’ll also get an EFT manual you can print.

Learn some special EFT tricks on the 10 Tapping Technique Tips article. And click this link to see more about the Meridian Tapping Points.



p.s. If you’d like some one-to-one help in learning EFT or in creating a customized self-healing plan, I’d love to discuss how I could be your Healing Buddy.  See the options here.

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