Can’t Get a Darn Thing Done? Quick Mind Body Productivity Tricks

Are You Stuck?  Blocked?  Feeling Resistant to Getting to Work?

Don’t worry.  We all get like that sometimes.

Actually, I feel like a PROFESSIONAL at feeling resistance.  At being stuck and not being able to get to work.

But . . . there’s also a part of me that DRIVES me to work.  My Driven, conscientious, hard-working part.

When those two sides of me battle – the lazy, pleasure-seeking part and my hard-working driven part – well, I don’t get much done . . .

. . . and I feel ashamed of myself.  Guilty.

Can you relate?

These techniques will work for anyone – moms, grandfathers, kids, college students.

AND, they are EXCELLENT for women entrepreneurs.  There’s just something about being in business for yourself, being your own boss, that can make all your forms of inner resistance rear up their painful little heads.

That’s probably why I’ve searched and tested sooooo many methods for helping me get unstuck.  It feels so awful to be stuck!

The following video will show you 4 super simple and super quick mind body techniques for releasing whatever’s got you stuck and helping you get back to work.

These simple techniques help you:

  • release stress and tension
  • get your nervous system functioning optimally
  • help you think better
  • increase creativity and resourcefulness
  • relax
  • let go of the fight or flight response
  • feel good
  • willingly get stuff done

In this video, I teach you four simple techniques.

1. Drink Water!

Did you know that when you can’t think, when you don’t feel like working, it could easily be because you’re dehydrated?

When you’re dehydrated, your nervous system won’t work optimally.  And when your nervous system isn’t working optimally, that means your brain isn’t.

That’s why you can’t make decisions, don’t feel creative and don’t want to do your work!

This is the quickest, easiest and first thing you should always do when you don’t feel like working.  Drink a glass of water!

2. Make an X

Years ago, I learned from both Brain Gym and Donna Eden, the power of helping your body’s energy system stay in the healthy cross-over pattern, instead of going “homolateral,” which means that your energy is in 2 parallel lines instead of crossing over.

The quickest and easiest way to encourage a healthy cross-over pattern is to make an X in the air with your hand.

It works great to make the X over and over – maybe a dozen times.  You’ll find that when you do it, you’re making the wonderful infinity symbol.

You can also do this by drawing a big X on a sheet of paper and tracing it over and over, a dozen times or more.

After each of these small steps, stop, tune in and ask, “Do I feel ready to get to work now?”

3. Cross Crawl

Cross crawl is the name for making the opposite arm and leg cross over pattern that we naturally do when we’re walking, or even when swimming using the Crawl stroke.

You can do this standing, sitting or even on your back.

While lifting your left knee, reach out with your right hand (opposite hand) and touch your left knee.

When walking, allow your arms to swing – right arm as you step forward with your left leg – and vice versa.

Do this 20 times, 10 on each side.

It’s a great way to get you back in sych, feeling creative, productive and willing to do the work that’s before you.

4. Hook Ups

Hook-ups is a beautiful technique I learned from Brain Gym.  When I was a dyslexia specialist I actually used all four of these techniques with ALL my students, before we began our reading work.

This is really much easier to picture than to describe.  Follow the steps in the pictures below.

Hold the posture for 2 full minutes.  Breath into a relaxed belly, take long, slow, deep breaths.

That’s IT.  Now you can (hopefully) get to work!

*     *     *

I’d REALLY love it if you test out any or all of these 4 simple techniques and come back here and comment.  Let us know if you CAN get stuff done after drinking water, making an X, doing the Cross Crawl or sitting in Hook-Ups for 2 minutes.

Big Blessings!


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