Fear of Growing Your Business to the Next Level Tapping Script


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(Curious about this strange photo of me?  I was doing an activity from Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly online course with Oprah.  Had to write “I am imperfect.  I am enough” on my hands and take a pic of myself.)

I want to help A LOT more people overcome their blocks around earning more money, saving more money and getting out of debt.

I want to help MANY women become entrepreneurs and turn their gifts into a lucrative business.

I want to turn up the brilliance-factor on shining MY LIGHT and giving MY GIFTS.

I’m excited about it.

Passionate about it.


So this morning, I woke up knowing it was time to do something about it. Time to do some tapping.

I wrote a script. Tapped it. Felt my inspiration and enthusiasm and energy return as the fear subsided.

And realized it would be a great gift to give YOU!

So here’s my tapping script Christmas gift to you, Dear One.

May it help you feel the courage to allow your Brilliant Gifts to shine more brightly.

YOU are a gift.

You HAVE gifts to share.

How does it feel hoarding those gifts? Hiding them so only you can glimpse their brilliance?

If you’re like me, that doesn’t feel good either.

It’s a REAL CONFLICT  to feel the inspiration to offer your gifts in the form of a business that helps others while earning good money for you . . .

. . . and feel the opposing feelings of fear and doubt and wanting to hide in a hole and forget you ever had any gifts.

EFT Tapping is THE BEST way to resolve inner conflicts and calm your nervous system so you can again feel your natural state of inspiration, courage, curiosity, confidence and clarity.

Download the link to this tapping script here:Play-Button_shutterstock_1235835971-1024x1024Fear of Growing Your Business to the Next Level Tapping Script


This script will be ideal for you if:

  • you keep getting the MESSAGE that it’s time to step out there in a BIGGER WAY  with your business
  • have the inner urge to speak in front of groups, give workshops or talks
  • feel your creative juices giving you IDEAS of what gifts you could share
  • LOVE the idea of MAKING MORE MONEY
  • know deep inside that there’s something more for you to do, a bigger role for you to play in the transformation of the planet


You’re thinking things like:

  • No way!!!!
  • I’m not ready!
  • I don’t have what it takes!
  • It will be too hard
  • Too scary
  • Too dangerous
  • I don’t know what to do!
  • Who would listen to me?
  • What do I know?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you DO KNOW THINGS. Things that others are waiting, wanting to hear.

Things that won’t be said if you don’t say them. People who won’t be helped if you don’t help them.

I’m going to actually propose that you have unique gifts to give that will not be given if you don’t step up, get over your fear (with Tapping, of course) and give your gifts.

This is not a small matter.

It’s a matter of purpose and passion and fulfilling the promise you made when being born in your body in this life.

I think that’s the reason we feel the urge to grow a business so strongly, AND the fear of what will happen if we do grow a business.

I’ve been wrestling with these opposing inner urges for over a decade now.  And both the urge to create a bigger business and the fear of doing it are BOTH getting stronger.

Thank God for Tapping!

And for the matching growing clarity that informs me what my fear is about. Otherwise, I’d be swamped with fear and totally stuck and unable to move forward, making more money and helping more women entrepreneurs.

Happy Holidays!

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