Fear of Risk – How to Embrace This Fear

Overcoming the Fear of the Unfamiliar

fear of risk Natalie Hill at the mic Can you see how scared I was?

The fear of risk is a very common fear that can keep us from:

  • asking for what we want in a relationship
  • saying no
  • standing up for ourselves
  • speaking in public
  • making great money in our business
  • starting our own entrepreneurial business
  • loving fully
  • claiming our own right to pleasure
  • doing what we want

Giving in to Fear

When you give in to your fear, it’s as if you live a small, cramped life – like you’re stuck in a box of your own making.

You don’t fully express your desires, you don’t fully feel your pleasure, your gifts remain embryonic and hidden.

In essence, when you let your fear of taking risks stop you from doing what you want to do, you stop your own development, you block your brilliance.

Experiencing the fear of risking is painful – we’ve all felt it.

Who wants to be hurt, abandoned, criticized, laughed at?  These are the risks we take when we speak our truth, strut our stuff, dare to be great.

But look at the price you pay for giving into this fear.

You pay with your life. 


Although you will never “overcome your fear” completely, you can learn to live with it with greater comfort and skill.

Fear cannot be eradicated, because it’s a part of our survival instinct.  The purpose of fear is to keep us alive, to keep us from danger. Fear is healthy.

Fear is natural.

It’s when the cause of our fear is unconscious, and we decide what to do in our work, our businesses, our relationships based on whether or not we feel fear – that we’re making a big mistake.

 Tapping for the Fear of Risk

Below is a tapping script for helping with the fear of taking risks.  But first, here is a big tip for putting your fear in perspective.

 Ask yourself:

What am I committed to? 

What is my Big Why (as an entrepreneur, as a mother, as a wife, etc)?

Then ask, Which will I give the most power to – my courage and commitment or my fear? 


New to tapping?  Get all you need to get started here.

Eyebrow:  I’m scared

Side of Eye:  I’m scared to get out there

Under Eye:  I’m afraid to tell the truth

Under Nose:  I’m afraid to say no

Chin:  I’m afraid to know what I truly desire

Collarbone:  I’m afraid I’ll be laughed at, criticized, judged

Under Arm:  I’m afraid they won’t like me

Top of Head:  It’s too big of a risk. I’d rather stay safe and small and quiet than to take this risk.

Take a BraveHeart Women Oxytocin Breath (Oxy Breath):  Inhale into a relaxed belly, have a slight smile on your face and exhale with sigh – Haaaaa. 

Eyebrow:  What if I could get a glimpse of what I’m REALLY committed to (beyond just staying safe)?

Side of Eye:  What if I could get in touch with my Big Why?

Under Eye:  What if I want to discover and express who I was born to be?

Under Nose:  What if it was not longer important to me what others think of me?

Chin:  What if it’s my job to be me – not to try and manage others’ feelings and thoughts?

Collarbone:  What if I AM scared to be seen, be heard, to speak out?

Under Arm:  And what if it’s ok to feel fear?

Top of Head:  Pounding heart, sweaty palms – I can survive that.

 Oxy Breath

Eyebrow:  What if my courage is stronger than my fear?

Side of Eye:  I choose courage and commitment over fear

Under Eye:  I choose to consider my courage and commitment to be stronger than my fear

Under Nose:  I choose to discover who I am

Chin:  I choose to express my gifts, my desires

Collarbone:  I choose to live MY LIFE

Under Arm:  I choose to allow the fear of taking risks to be there – and still take action

Top of Head:  I’d rather feel fear and live My Life than avoid fear and stay hidden.

This is MY Fear Too

Fear of risk is a fear I know well – and confront every day.

I can still remember how terrified I was to make my first EFT YouTube video – but I didn’t let that fear stop me.  (I did make and remake that first video about a dozen times though – I was so frozen with fear at first.)

I love helping women entrepreneurs move beyond their fears to create a thriving business they love.

My specialty is helping them add an income stream, using their natural expertise, to quickly double or triple their income.

If this speaks to you, I invite you to apply for a complementary How to Charge What You’re Worth Business Breakthrough Session with me here.

Your Call to Action

What’s a risk you fear taking in your business or your life right now?

On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 is totally stopping you), how strongly is your fear stopping you?

Now, take a few moments to tap this script. 

How strong is your fear now?

What decision will you make?

What action will you take?

Sharing your journey with the fear of risk will support all of us, so I invite you to share your numbers and what changed for you when you tapped this script.

My Love and Blessings,

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