Fear of Shining Tapping Video for Entrepreneurs

When your Big Dreams are wiped out by your Big Fears

It hits this time of year – New Years.bodacious and brilliant

We’ve been dreaming up all these big dreams. Getting exited and enthused and inspired with the sheer brilliance of our dreams.

Then January 1 hits, or January 6 in my case . . . and the fear hits.

Holy S#!+!  Now I’ve gotta start taking action if I want these dreams to come true!

I’ve gotta do the work.





That’s how I woke up this morning.  Actually, these questions were rattling around in my brain, waking me up all night long.

So when that happens, I DO take action.  I tap to release the fear.

Because I trust that my natural resourcefulness WILL RETURN when I calm my racing nervous system.

And tapping always (well almost always) does the trick for me.

EFT Tapping is THE most effective and efficient way I know to go from feeling fear to feeling on fire with passion and enthusiasm.

Are YOU feeling any of those *How do I get started making my dreams come to reality?* fears?

Tap along with me in this video.

Here’s the script from the video:

Fear of Shining Tapping Script

OK, this is fear I’m feeling

Fear in my belly

My chest

My throat

Fear… in every cell

I’ve got big dreams

I want to succeed

Be who I was born to be

Change lives

Make a difference

Make an impact

Make a lot more money

And to do that

I’ve got to step up

To shine more brightly

I’ve got to claim my brilliance

To make those dreams come true

To know I’m good enough

To be bigger



I’ve got to be out there – shining!

And that’s really scary!

Can I do it?

What if I fail?

What if they laugh at me?

Judge me

Criticize me, reject me

Or what if no one shows up?

It’s too much of a risk

It’s not safe

It’s dangerous

It’s life threatening

So I’m NOT stepping up

I’d rather stay safe and small

I don’t really want those dreams

They’re not that important

Not worth the risk

I choose to stay safe and small

Phew! That’s a relief

I choose to stay safe and small

Out of the spotlight

My dreams tucked away

Safe, small, hidden

Take an Oxytocin Breath:  Inhale into a relaxed belly, exhale with a Haaaaaahhh, Smile!


That is not true!

Sure, there’s a part of me that’s scared

And I honor that

It helps me be prepared

It does keep me safe

Helps me do a good job

And I’m grateful for that protection

But I don’t have to hide out

To stay safe

Because there’s also a part of me

That has something BIG to give

Wants to change lives

That wants to make a difference

Make an impact

Make a lot of money

Because money gives me freedom

Lets me be creative


Money lets me be generous

And all that’s good

Stepping up does feel scary

But it also feels exciting




There’s a message in me

That’s bigger than my fear

I want to discover

And deliver that message

There’s a gift in me

That’s bigger than my fear

I want to give it

Even if I’m scared

And excited and exhilarated

My courage and commitment

To me and to my gifts

Are greater than my fear

I can do this

I’m worth it




Thank you

Thank you

Thank you


How did this tapping work for you?

Love to hear how you felt before and after, and what action the tapping inspired you to take.

Leave your comment below!

And blessings on YOUR 2014 dreams!


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Natalie Hill is a Transformational Coach for women entrepreneurs. She loves empowering women to bust through their blocks so they can be who they were born to be. Contact Natalie at Google+

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