The Great Entrepreneur Hoax

3 Ways to SLOW Your Business Growth (and How to Speed It Up Instead!)

What’s your dream as an entrepreneur?The Tapping World Summit

Is it to . . .

  • make money while you sleep?
  • help people with the experience and expertise you’ve gained from your life experience?
  • help people transform their lives?
  • become a trusted expert?
  • create a business you can run from anywhere in the world? (Know that dream of lounging on a beach chair, with a laptop and a margarita, under an umbrella?)
  • watch waves of Paypal sales arrive in your inbox? Ka-Ching!

If those are some of the elements of your entrepreneurial dream, you’re not alone. In fact, that was MY DREAM when I created my first website over 9 years ago.

I’ve learned A LOT in those 9 years since I fell for the Great Entrepreneur Hoax of building a website and retiring from the money I’d make while I slept. In those 9 years, here’s what I’ve learned are the . . .

3 Ways to SLOW Your Business Growth (and How to Speed It Up Instead!)

1. Slow way:  Start a blog.

Think that if you BLOG, they will COME.  Learn what search terms your people are searching with.  Do keyword research. Write articles.  Hope that Google loves you and puts you at the top of the page. These methods are the SLOW WAY.

Fast way:  Start LOCAL. 

Give a free talk.  Offer a low-cost workshop.  Start a Meetup group.

Get known in your own town. That’s the best way to be seen as an expert and start making money quickly.

I’m actually VERY familiar with this slow way, as I wrote articles and blogged for several years before making a dime.

Now – don’t get me wrong.  I actually think starting a blog is a GREAT idea!  Just don’t do it INSTEAD of speaking and giving talks and workshops.

2.  Slow way:  Charge by the hour. 

Whaaaat?  What do you mean that charging by the hour is the slow way?

Yep, that’s what I mean.  It’s what nearly everybody else is doing, so people will be looking at your rates and comparing them with what everybody else doing what you do is charging.

Charging by the hour limits how much you can make by how many hours you can work.

It limits how deep you can go with your clients.

And, it has your clients deciding every time they meet you, whether they want to come back again next week.

Fast way:  Create a Platinum Program! 

What’s a Platinum Program?

It’s a Big Ticket program that goes deeper and longer than your by-the-hour thing.

A Platinum Program offers RESULTS instead of time. Results instead of technique or method.

And you know the best part?

When you’re offering results, you get to use your favorite techniques and methods to get your clients TO those end results.

Your clients commit to something MUCH bigger and better than by-the-hour can deliver.

You get to use all your fun tools.  You know . . . those you’ve been accumulating all your life – in trainings and certifications and degrees and workshops and books!

3. Slow way:   Start with a group course or online class. 

Why’s this a bad idea?

‘Cuz in the beginning, you don’t have a list big enough to fill a group course or online class. And you can’t charge enough in a group course (as a newbie) to fully pay you for your time and energy.

You’ll end up putting weeks and months of work into planning and promoting and delivering your course, and earning not-that-much in return. Instead . . .

Fast way:  Teach local or online classes or workshops – offer complementary Discovery Sessions  

Talk about your Platinum Program in the Discovery Session.

A Discovery Session is a sacred conversation.  In your Discovery Session, you can help your potential client tap into the pain of staying stuck in whatever stuckness she’s in, and the possibilities for her.

You can make as much money with one Platinum Client as you could in the whole group course – and in 1/10 of the time and energy spent.

Have you been going the fast way or the slow way?  Love to hear YOUR story!  Tell us in the comments below.

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