How to Embrace Your Challenges So Your Work Gets Easy

Allowing Your Work to Be Easy

Do you ever find yourself creating a to do list then finding it nearly impossible to complete the tasks on the list, even though you know they’re not impossible tasks?IMG_0474

Facing what seem to be simple tasks, you might be overcome by:

  • exhaustion or sleepiness
  • fear, anxiety, dread
  • nausea, headache or body pain
  • anger, irritation, resentment
  • confusion, spaciness, inability to think straight
  • the sudden irrepressible need to clean out that junk drawer in the kitchen, do laundry, sort through those boxes that have been stashed in a closet for 3 years
  • a deluge of GREAT REASONS why doing what you intended to do is a BAD IDEA, better put off until next week, is stupid, a waste of time, would actually HARM your business

These are all common ways that protective parts of us step in to keep us from doing something that is perceived as dangerous by that part.

Why Embrace Your Challenges?

Well, first of all, you’re not getting much done to grow your business, when all those emotions and unimportant tasks and excuses are leading you astray.

You’ll find growing your business more like pushing a boulder uphill than floating downstream on a comfy raft.

EVERYTHING will be a struggle, hard work.

And when you do embrace challenges, instead of fighting them . . .

. . . you’ll have the energy and resourcefulness and desire to follow through on your intentions.

Your business will move forward rapidly.

And that means more clients, more fulfillment, more money, more time to do the other stuff you want to do – stuff that’s even more fun than your business.

My Inability to Embrace

I recently went through a month-long period of sleepiness, lethargy and pain in my right arm – to the point I now need medical intervention to heal the frozen shoulder it’s turned into.  The intensity of the arm pain, and the way it was disturbing my sleep, finally got me to look at what was happening and realize it wasn’t healing on its own and that my sleepiness was more than simply summer heat.

I asked, “What do arms do?  What is this arm pain stopping me from doing?”

Arms hold.

Arms embrace.

And the pain was so intense I couldn’t give or get a hug without intense pain.  I could not EMBRACE.

And what was I not embracing?

I wasn’t embracing the new level I’d taken my business to.  I was seeing my professional growth as a burden, as HARD, as too much work and a struggle.

I realized I needed to embrace this new level I’d moved into.  Accept the new responsibilities, new level of organization, money management and systems required as adventures, as the welcome challenges of achieving the success I’d been asking for.

And that even includes seeking medical support for my arm!

Let’s Tap Your Entrepreneurial Brilliance

I’ve created a tapping script to help you access and release the parts trying – for your own good – to hold you back.

Take a quick moment RIGHT NOW to tap through it.  The time this takes will pay you back over and over as you get more done in less time and will much more ease.

***New to EFT/Tapping?  Start here. Print out the Tapping Points, then come back here and tap this script.

Tap one statement at each point, tapping 5-10 gentle taps at each tapping point.

When You’re Small 

It’s too much work

What if I’m not enough?

What if I don’t have enough energy to do it all?

I have to be perfect

I can’t do it all

Afraid I’m not good enough

I have to over-deliver

I have to prove myself over and over

To make good money, I have to work HARD

It SHOULD be a struggle

I don’t deserve to succeed

Who am I to be successful at this?

I’m not ready I need more training, certifications, experience

What if I screw up?

What if they don’t like me?

What if my word doesn’t change lives?

What if they criticize me?

What if my family doesn’t approve of me?

What if my friends are jealous of my success?

Is it OK to make lots of money?

Will I still be a good person when I have lots of money?

Smile.  Take a gentle deep breath into your belly.   Exhale with a loud sigh. Repeat. Repeat.

Now let’s tap again.

When You EMBRACE Your Life 

I am connected to Source

Always loved guided, supported

I came here to do work that is mine alone to do

The fear I feel tells me I am on my path

Like a compass pointing to True North

What if I can anticipate that each time I step up to a new level in my business

There will be a higher level of challenge and opportunity and a bigger identity required?

What if I can embrace each new challenge and opportunity And ask, Who do I need to be at this next level?

Who am I called to be now?

Who am I to run from my True Path?

Who am I to put blockades on my path?

Who am I to dig a hole and crawl in it?

This is not just about me People are waiting for my help

They are waiting for ME

My Brilliance is needed

This is my time to shine

What if making money IS my spiritual path?

I choose to embrace each step on my path

And see each challenge, each obstacle as an opportunity, as a gift

And no matter what it takes, I chose to release the struggle

And allow in EASE and GRACE and JOY

I welcome and embrace whatever comes


I invite and welcome your comments after tapping this script.  Your comments inspire, encourage and inform others.

To your Brilliance!


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Natalie Hill, Transformational Business Coach to Conscious Women Entrepreneurs

P.S.  Interested in learning more about the women I coach.  Read some of their success stories here.

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