How to Talk to God

If you ever experience fear, indecision, confusion or any other upsetting emotional state, you could benefit from knowing how to talk to God.

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Talking to God (the Universe, your Higher Self, angels, your Trusted Guidance, your Divine Team) can help when you:

  • feel alone or isolated, with no one to turn to
  • need guidance in some area of your life, or on making a decision, knowing what’s your best course of action
  • feel scared, overwhelmed, frustrated, hopeless, discouraged, desperate, confused, guilty, ashamed
  • don’t want to tap – don’t feel like tapping – or don’t think tapping would work
  • want to be consoled, uplifted, supported, loved, nurtured, encouraged
  • know there’s a different . . . higher perspective, but you can’t get at it

Why Talk to God?

It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane existence of day-to-day challenges and go for long stretches without seeing the bigger picture. Having a conversation with God – or any Higher Power of your preference – can help you:

  • elevate your perspective
  • get insight
  • feel comforted, supported, loved and encouraged
  • “know” what’s best for you to do
  • get energized
  • relax and let go of stress and fear
  • move forward with confidence

What Do I Mean By God?

By God, I mean any power you admire or respect that is likely to give you the above positive or nurturing feedback.

That could be God, the Universe, your Higher Power, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, your Trusted Guidance, your Divine Team, specific angels or archangels, friends or relatives who’ve passed on . . .

Lately, I’ve been talking to my Trusted Guidance. Before that, I wrote to my Divine Team, or specific archangels.

Do what feels best to you.

And if you don’t know what will feel best, just write to any of those, and change it around until you find the right fit for you (and allow that to evolve too).

The Advantages of Writing Instead of Mental Dialogue

Writing slows your mind down to the speed of your pen.

It focuses your thoughts and narrows them to what goes down on the page.

It makes what you hear more real, more tangible.

The answers are there for you to read, over and over again if you wish.

It accesses intuition and wisdom.

It opens you up to receiving.

How to Talk to God – And An Example

Simply start by writing a dialog:

– You ask a question,

– God, from your pen, answers.

– You ask again.

– God answers.

Here’s an example of what poured out of my fingers as I typed this (always a surprise!):

Natalie:  Trusted Guidance, I could use your help.  Are you there?

Trusted Guidance:  Yes, Dear One.  We are always here for you.  How can we help?

Natalie:  I’m feeling scared.  I was in the flow and felt abundance pouring in from every corner, and now I’ve seemed to have lost it.  What did I do wrong?  I don’t know how to feel abundant again.

Trusted Guidance:  Please take three slow breaths now, filling your relaxed belly as you do. Release the breaths with a sigh. Now, look around you. Make a list of what you see in the space where you are sitting.

Natalie:  Ok, I’ve done that.  I’m in my living room/office, so there are chairs, sofas, plants, a desk, my computer, cell phone, a table, art on the walls, books, a printer, files.

Trusted Guidance:  Would you call what you are seeing abundance or poverty?

Natalie:  I’d call it abundance.

Trusted Guidance:  Now look out your windows.  What do you see?

Natalie:  I see the gorgeous desert: many kinds of cactus, clouds, blue sky peaking through, the mountains- capped in clouds, trees moving in the breeze, rocks, sand and homes.

Trusted Guidance:  And would you call that poverty or abundance?

Natalie:  Again, I’d call that abundance.

Trusted Guidance:  So we want you to notice, and know, that you are surrounded by abundance now and in every moment. There is no such thing as poverty, except when you close your eyes to the abundance that is available to you in every moment. Open your hands and put your arms out, as if to receive a large gift.  Do this now.

As you do this, open your chest, so your heart is open as well.  Remember this posture of open arms, receiving hands, open heart. We’ll call this the Open to Receiving posture.

The unlimited, always available abundance of the universe is ALL WAYS available to you.  In every moment of every day of your lift.

The only thing that blocks it off is when you pinch off the flow by believing you are not worthy.  Not capable.  Not good enough.  Holding onto those beliefs are the only thing that ever blocks extraordinary good fortune from flowing to you continually.

In other words, there is a faucet of all good things – including material wealth.  The pressure is always there, ready to flow those good things into your life. You have the choice of leaving the faucet open all the time, or you can close it off, by the pinching thoughts we mentioned above.

It is always your choice.

And we want you to know that you are loved, deeply loved, not matter whether your faucet is fully open or completely pinched off.  Our love for you is always surrounding you.

Now, back to the Open to Receiving posture.  We want you to get into this posture several times each day.  Relax, lean back, open your arms and heart and imagine all the good things you desire flowing into your arms, into your life.

Know that you are already giving, giving, giving.  It’s time for you to receive, receive, receive.

So open your arms. Open your heart and let it in.

You are worthy.  You are enough.  You are capable. You are lovable.  You are loved.

Allow all that extraordinary good fortune to flow right in. Right now.

Natalie:  Wow!  That was amazing. Thank you SO MUCH!

Trusted Guidance.  Always at your service, Dear One.

Be gentle with yourself as you try out talking to God for the first few times.  It may feel awkward or like you’re making it up.  That’s ok and to be expected.  It will get easier and flow more naturally as you continue to do it.

I’d love to hear if you use the How to Talk to God method, and invite you to return here to share your story.



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