I Thought I Wasn’t Worthy

And I Could Have Sabotaged My Dream

My personal business coach kept telling me I needed to do something big. Like host a telesummit.

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I was dragging my feet. Procrastinating. Not committing.


I had amnesia.  “What was it she wanted me to do?  Hmmmm. Can’t quite remember . . .”

I had all kinds of excuses.

It will be too much work. I don’t want to work that hard.

What if I do all the work and nothing good comes of it?

Then the biggie:  What if NONE of the amazing speakers I invite say yes to me?

Or what if they DO, and I mess up?

Suddenly, I’m back in junior high, scared no one would like me. Worried I won’t be included.

Or I’m even younger. The youngest of my sisters and one brother I look up to. What if they don’t approve of me?

Deep inside, what I wasn’t telling my coach, or even myself: I thought I wasn’t worthy.

I finally made a really smart move. 

I trusted my coach. I did what she was telling me and telling me and telling me.

I committed to doing a telesummit.

I entered the creative process to come up with a name, a theme and settled on

Tap Into Money World Summit

Master Making More, Keeping More, Giving More . . . for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs

I had a website header designed. I made a video and I started reaching out to invite the people I most wanted in my event.Natalie-Hill-Header_TELESUMMIT more red

Thats when my real fear popped up. Am I worthy?  Am I good enough?  Can I do this?

My fears were reflected back to me when Loral Langemeier’s staff replied to my invitation to feature Loral with questions like “How many of these have you done before? What is your marketing plan?”

I immediately went to my fall-back inner I’m not good enough place.

I’m not good enough, skilled enough, experienced enough to be doing this.

I gulped, reminded myself of huge gift this summit will be to so many, and answered Loral’s email honestly:

 “It’s my first one.  And, I’m a perfectionist, so I plan to do it VERY well.  And I’ve got a great coach mentoring me.  I hope you’ll say yes.”

Then I moved on.

And – people with the big lists and big success and who I HIGHLY respect, started saying yes to me.

People like Margaret Lynch, Sage Lavine, Sandi Radomski, Kendra Thornbury, Morgana Rae, Carol Look, Pamela Bruner, Rhys Thomas, and Lori Leyden.

And then something BIG happened inside me.

Instead of feeling even more scared and inadequate, I felt stronger, empowered by their confidence in me.

If these successful, visionary, amazing leaders believe in me, expect I can pull this together, I can and I will.

Their strength increased my strength. I stepped up to BE what they saw in me.

Am I over my fear? Heck no.

Here’s what I know. When we step up to be an entrepreneur, to make more money, to stand out as an expert, THERE WILL BE FEAR.

The stepping up’s gonna shake up the internal status quo. Parts of you will scream “Don’t do it!” “Don’t change!” “It’s dangerous. You’ll be KILLED!”

Because you’ve got a big internal family who’s jobs are to keep you safe, help you survive and prevent you from the life threatening pain of being criticized, ridiculed, ostracized, left out, rejected, abandoned.

If we want to succeed as entrepreneurs – like Margaret, Sage, Sandi, Kendra, Morgana, Carol, Pamela, Rhys and Lori, we’ve GOT to transform those inner voices, inner saboteurs, and the show-stopping emotions that go with them.

Let’s do some Tapping on this!

New to Tapping?  Catch on in a flash here.

Tap through the points with me.

I can see it now.

Me, stepping up to do something big.

Then the fears come flooding to the surface.

I can’t do this

Who do I think I am?

They’ll reject me

Laugh at me

Turn their backs

Say “Have you done this before?”

“What makes you think you’ll succeed?”

I’m too small

Not skilled enough

Not experienced enough

I just don’t have what it takes

It will be too hard

Way too much work

Too many moving parts

I have to REALLY step up my game

I’m not ready

Not strong enough


No no no

I can’t do it

I won’t do it

Take a Braveheart Oxytocin Breath:  Inhale into a relaxed belly, exhale with a voiced haaaaa. Smile!

Let’s tap again.

What if I actually DO have what it takes?

And I can build this plane while flying

What if I can grow one small step at a time?

What if there’s massive Divine Support

That helps me, guides me, protects me, every step of the way?

What if the truth is, I am Powerful!

I am a Creator!

What if my creativity and resourcefulness are Massive?

And just waiting to be tapped?

What if I can celebrate each little success


What if I deserve to be seen

To be celebrated

To be recognized

To be rewarded

What if the truth is, miracles are unfolding everywhere I turn?

What if the exact people and circumstances and ideas I need to succeed

Are showing up for me, magically?

What if I can honor my growth

Congratulate  how I’m growing

Yes Yes Yes!

I can do this

Thank You Thank You Thank You

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Natalie Hill is a Transformational Coach for women entrepreneurs. She loves empowering women to bust through their blocks so they can be who they were born to be. Contact Natalie at Google+

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