Potent Powerful Statements

I love this segment of potent, powerful statements from Abraham.

Here are a few of the Potent Powerful statements Abraham suggest using as mantras:

There is no gain worth talking about when you’re in pain.  

I’ve decided I’m a good person and that I deserve good things to happen to me. 

I’m gonna pamper myself as much as possible.  

I’m gonna let the good times roll. 

I’m gonna have a lot of fun. 

I’m gonna follow my bliss.

I’m gonna follow my flow.

I’m gonna have a lot of fun.

I’m gonna hang around with people who produce good vibes.

I’m gonna accept the authenticity of this vibrational reality. 

I’m gonna bask. 

When I find myself basking, I’m gonna milk it for all I’ve got.  

I’m gonna look for other people who are doing the same.

I’m gonna feel less responsibility for fewer people.

I’m not gonna take responsibility for what anyone else feels.  

Nothing you do will have any affect on how I feel. 

I’m not going to hold you responsible for how I feel . . . ever.

Struggle and hard are off the beam. 

Break the vibrational chain of pain.

Change your mind, change the subject, change your clothes, change something – anything –  until the vibration shifts. 

Any favorites of yours I left off the list?

“Let the curse lift off of you!”


P.S. Tapping along with these affirmations would give them a great boost.

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