Spiritual Integrity and Business Success

How can being in Spiritual Integrity influence your success as an entrepreneur?

Your spiritual birthright is to feel love, to be healthy, to be surrounded by abundance in every way. This is the foundation, the Truth of your existence.

And when you’re in Spiritual Integrity, all your thoughts and actions support that Truth.

In this video, I describe the 6 levels of alignment that compose Spiritual Integrity. Watch and see how you can get into more solid alignment, more of the time with your Spiritual Truth.

The 6 levels of alignment contained within the Spiritual Integrity model are:

1. Spirit or Source

What connection to Source do you feel in this moment?  Do you feel loved, guided, inspired, supported, protected?  Or do you feel cut off, alone and forgotten?

2. Personal Identity

Your identity includes the foundational beliefs you have about yourself as a person, as an entrepreneur, as a mother, wife, daughter, sister . . .

What you hold to be your identity may be obvious to you, or it may be largely unconscious.

“I am a woman who always struggles to support herself,” is an identity that will create lack and struggle.

“I am an innovative, resourceful and wise multi-six figure coach, creating a positive influence on the lives of thousands of other women,” is an identity that can pull you forward, help you stretch and guide your decisions and actions in an empowering way.

3. Beliefs

Beliefs are simply thoughts that have become habitual and unquestioned.  They are the result of your Identity.

Beliefs that support the Identity of “I am a woman who always struggles to support herself,”  would be thoughts like:

  • Life is hard
  • Making money is not easy
  • Everything is difficult for me
  • People don’t treat me fairly
  • I’m a bad money manager
  • Technology always causes me problems
  • It’s hard to hold onto money
  • I’m not good at taking responsibility
  • I’m not a leader

Beliefs that support the Identity, “I am an innovative, resourceful and wise multi-six figure coach, creating a positive influence on the lives of thousands of other women,” might be:

  • I love my work
  • I’m a great coach
  • I get better at what I do every day
  • Learning and growing is easy and fun for me
  • Possibilities are everywhere
  • I can learn whatever I need to know
  • I embrace the challenges that come my way
  • I love my clients and they love me
  • I am a money magnet
  • I love money and money loves me

4 &5.  Decisions and Actions

To be in Spiritual Integrity and alignment, your decisions and actions must support your beliefs, identity and sense of spiritual connection.

When you’re feeling small, stuck and scared, your decisions and actions will be to hide out, complain, lay on the couch, eat/drink/shop/etc. to suppress the pain.  You’ll not likely be motivated to take inspired action.

On the other hand, when you’re feeling courageous, empowered and free, you’re more likely to decide and take action that will improve your relationships, your environment and make it more likely to meet potential clients and create business relationships that will lead to more success.

6. Environment

Think of your environment as your ecosystem, everything your senses perceive.  It’s what you see as you look around.  What you hear.  What you touch, smell and taste.

Your environment includes your living and office space and the condition it’s in.  Is your desk clear and uncluttered?  Are your papers and equipment and computer files organized in a way that makes what you need easy to look at and easy to find?

Who are you in contact with?  Who do you spend your time with?  Are you uplifted or dragged down by your relationships?

What do you watch, read and listen to?  Are you inspired by the books you read, the TV and movies you watch?  Or are you frightened, depressed?  These forms of input will support your Identity and determine whether you’re in alignment with Spiritual Integrity or not.


If you hold the Identity of “I am an innovative, resourceful and wise multi-six figure coach, creating a positive influence on the lives of thousands of other women,” and you listen to negative new programs on the radio, you are not creating alignment – you are creating discord.

To support you being in alignment with the Spiritual Truth of your birthright, it can be very helpful to take stock of where you currently are in each of these 6 categories. Then ask yourself, “If I was courageous, empowered and free, what would my positions be in each of these categories?”

And finally, come back here and share how this changed things for you.

My love and blessings,


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