What I Learned From Jackie Robinson in 42

Business Success from Jackie RobinsonI know I’m a little behind, but I just saw the movie 42 last weekend, about Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player in the Major Leagues.

Jackie’s courage and commitment and ability to play His Game, in spite of the boos and heckling and ridicule and threats and rejection from even his own team members, had a big impact on me.

I was in tears over and over in the movie, and I realized that it was striking a chord in me about having the guts to be who I am, who I AM, in the world.

I was moved to write an article about the biggest messages of the movie.

Here are the lessons I learned from Jackie Robinson in 42:

1. Don’t expect others to recognize or believe in Your Dream

How could they?  It’s not their dream!

Most people are living from the ego space of seeking safety and following the status quo.  That’s not where dreams live.

And it’s certainly not where they thrive.

Keep your dreams close to your heart.  Be careful who you share them with, if at all.

Your dreams are your precious vulnerable little dream sprouts.  Protect their life by keeping them private.

And when it’s time to go public with them, like when Jackie Robinson hit the big leagues, listen to the affirming voice of YOUR heart, instead of the jealous, critical voice coming from your detractors.

Personally, I don’t even talk about my coaching business with my family.  I don’t expect them to understand or to support me, because their dreams are so very different from mine.

And there are certain friends I also don’t share my dreams with. I choose my friends carefully and ONLY hang out with encouraging, upbeat people.

But I also don’t expect others to give me the support I need to live my dreams. That’s MY JOB.

2. You’ve got to have the courage to go FOR your dream, instead of against the detractors

If Jackie had put his energy into fighting everyone who wanted him OUT of baseball, he wouldn’t have been focused on his game and he WOULD have failed.

If you’re focused on what others are doing, what they’re saying, what you think they expect of you . . .

. . .it can be easy to think that the problem is OUT THERE and spend your time and energy fighting against stuff.

Heck – the inner obstacles to your success are adversaries plenty big to make most of us curl up on the coach and quit.

Instead just shift your focus TO YOUR DREAM.  The detractors will still be there, heckling like that bigot coach heckled Jackie when he was batting.

The trick is to turn your focus to what you want to create instead of on what’s in your way.

One of my favorite methods of doing this is to ask myself “What will it take . . . ” questions.

What will it take to earn $10,000 a month, working 4 days a week and 3 weeks a month?

What will it take to easily write a new article and put out a newsletter every 2 weeks?

What will it take to courageously talk about what’s most important to me on Facebook?

What will it take to feel relaxed, calm, energized and passionate?

What will it take to be vibrantly healthy in every cell of my body?

What will it take to attract 5 new clients this month?

These questions are not to be answered, just released into the good-attracting power of your intuitive genius.

These questions are like tossing a pebble into a pond, watching as the ripples radiate out and expectantly watching for the waves of inspiration and opportunity to arrive. 

You ask, then remain alert, knowing the way, the answers, the insight, the resources are coming your way.

3. Give up expecting it to be easy.

It is HARD to follow through.  To finish stuff.  To keep holding onto your dreams until they actually do become reality.

If Jackie had given up because it was HARD, we wouldn’t have his role model to motivate us today.

And I’ve noticed that there’s actually a paradox that comes to play when you give in to the reality that dream actualization is hard.

It sometimes gets a little easier . . . a little fun even. (Ask yourself:  How can I let this be easy?)

Hold your dreams close to your heart.

In your outstretched hand, offer them to the world. You’ll feel vulnerable, exposed, probably scared, maybe terrified.

That’s ok.  Those dreams are tougher than they look.

And remember Jackie Robinson. Look what he survived.  Look what he showed us is possible.

You can do it too.


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