I’m Afraid I’m Not Going Forward

Since you’re on this website and reading about using EFT it’s very likely you are someone who wants to make positive changes in your life.

Am I right?

That means you care about transformation and awakening.

Do you sometimes get a little scared that the changes you seek aren’t happening fast enough?

Or do you sometimes fear they’re even happening at all?

It’s very common to lose momentum when our internal clock tells us we’ve been working at something for plenty long enough and we want evidence of our new life, our new self showing up right now!

But since we can’t see the invisible workings of the Universe, and we don’t know when what we have been working toward is right around the corner, it’s important to keep positive, keep anticipating and keep feeling joy and appreciation.

The following tapping script can help you during those times when you’re afraid that you’re just not getting anywhere. Or you might even fear you’re going backward.

This is a common state to be in, so don’t fear being alone. But it is also important to get out of the negative, fearful state, as quickly as possible.

Here is a tapping script especially for those times when you’re losing confidence that you’re moving forward in your life and fear you’ll be down forever.

Growing Up Method

We’re using the Growing Up Method, which goes from Dumping (venting your worst thoughts and feelings) to Dreaming (Making “what if…” statements to plant positive possibilities into your mind) and Deciding (choosing resourceful, confident thoughts).

See this short video for a tapping points refresher.

And here’s the EFT manual, if you want some more thorough instruction (you can also get a printable copy by signing up for the newsletter)

Thinks Aren’t Improving Fast Enough

Dumping Round

Set Up

Even though I’m scared that my life is going downhill, and I’m falling into an abyss, instead of climbing up the mountain. I deeply, and completely love and accept myself just the way I am.

Even though I’m scared or anxious, and I’m just afraid that I’m not going into a positive direction but I don’t know how to go into a positive direction; I’m afraid it will always be this way, I love and accept all of me.

Even though I have all these fears, all these anxieties, and right now, I just can’t see my way out, I accept myself and all my emotions.


Eyebrow Point: I’m really scared.

Side of Eye: I feel so anxious.

Under Eye: This is a really scary feeling.

Under Nose: I don’t know if I’m going in the right direction.

Under Chin: I’m afraid I’m not going in the right direction.

Collarbone: I’m afraid I might be heading downhill, into that black hole.

Under Arm: I just don’t see the light.

Top of Head: I just don’t have any confidence that I’m heading in the right direction with my life right now.

Take a deep breath.

If that brought up any specific memories or if there was just a lot of fear in any one place, you want to tap another round on that. In fact, let’s have another round on that.


Eyebrow Point: I can’t picture where to go.

Side of Eye: I just don’t know what to do to make my life work.

Under Eye: I feel confused.

Under Nose: I feel so anxious.

Under Chin: I just wish I had some kind of clarity.

Collarbone: I wish I felt guided.

Under Arm: I wish I felt an intuitive sense of the best thing to do right now.

Top of Head: I just wish I felt confident that the decisions I’m making are heading me in a positive direction.

Take a deep breath.

Dreaming Round

Even though I don’t feel confident and I have a lot of concerns, what if I could know that I am being guided.

Even though it seems like I’m heading downhill, what if I could trust that I do have a clear dream of an abundant future, and know that I am making the choices and decisions to head in that direction.

Even though I still have a lot of doubt, would’nt it be great if I could take confidence in the fact that I am tapping now, and use this opportunity to get a more clear image of what it is that I want in my life.


Eyebrow Point: What if I could get some clarity?

Side of Eye: If I was clear about where I wanted to go, I wonder what that will look like?

Under Eye: If I was feeling confidence right now, I wonder what I would feel confident about?

Under Nose: If I was knowing that I was being guided in a positive direction, I wonder how I would sense that guidance?

Under Chin: I wonder what it would feel like to be calm and trusting, even though things don’t currently look the way I want them to be.

Collarbone: What if I could trust in my dream of abundance?

Under Arm: What if I could feel confident that I am moving toward that?

Top of Head: What if I could trust in my own intuition, my own goodness?

Take a deep breath.  Again, if that brought up any specific things for you (memories, strong resistance or negative emotion), you want to go ahead and tap on those things now, before moving on.

Deciding Round

Even though there’s a little doubt in me, I have decided to trust in that part of me that knows what I want and is moving towards that.

Even though I still feel some anxiety and I’m not total confident, I choose to make positive choices that just feel right to me.

Even though I’m not feeling completely confident and I still have some doubts, I choose to use those emotions to help me make good choices, to help me make decisions that will move me in the direction of full life abundance.


Eyebrow Point: I choose to trust in my own intuitive nature.

Side of Eye: I choose to know that I do have an image of my positive future.

Under Eye: I choose to use EFT to get me into a more calm and peaceful place.

Under Nose: I choose to make a list of what I’m grateful for, which will get me into a more abundant place.

Under Chin:  I choose to focus on what’s working.

Collarbone:  I choose to focus on what I want.

Under Arm: I choose to believe in the goodness in me and in others.

Top of Head: I choose to feel confident that I am moving in a positive direction.

Take a deep breath. Now let’s tap on a round of positive affirmations.

Tapping in Positive Affirmations

Eyebrow Point: I am wise.

Side of Eye: I am good.

Under Eye: I am intuitive.

Under Nose: I’m creative.

Under Chin: I am loving and lovable.

Collarbone:  I’m capable.

Under Arm: I’m resilient.

Top of Head: I am calm and confident.

Take a deep breath.

As you did those affirmations, if there were any that brought up a mental rebuttal or that physical objection that you feel in the body that kind of contracts in response to the statements that don’t ring true, go ahead and make a little side trip and tap another round just on that affirmation.

I hope you found this helpful!


p.s.  As always, I love to hear your feedback and comments.

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