Afraid to Try Something New

Afraid to try something newThis is an EFT script for the fear of trying something new.

New to EFT tapping?  Lucky you!  You might want to read Getting Started With EFT.

Tapping continually on the Karate Chop:

Even though I’m scared to try something new, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though trying new things is daunting and scary and I don’t like doing it, I approve of myself just the way I am

Even though I don’t really like the way things are going in my life, and I want things to be different and that means trying something new – I don’t want to!

Tapping Through the Points

(see diagram below for the points)

I’m afraid to try something new.

I don’t like doing new things.

It’s scary.

Bad things can happen.

I won’t know what to expect.

I might be embarrassed.

I might make a mistake.

I won’t know everything.

I might look stupid.

People might laugh at me.

People might criticize me.

I might not get the approval I want and need.

I might make a fool of myself.

I might get in trouble.

I might be bad.

It’s dangerous to try new things.

It sets me up for failure.

Something I want to avoid at all costs.

Take a deep breath.

Wait a second here!

I’m not willing to avoid new things “at all costs.”

That’s too high a price to pay.

What if I am worth the risk of doing new things?

What if my life is worth it?

I’d like to think of Thomas Edison and how many times he tried a new way to make a light bulb.

Of the people who designed the space shuttle, the rocket that went to the moon.

Everything about that was new.

I’d like to remind myself that I know how to talk and walk and ride a bicycle.

Those were all new things to me at one time.

I tried making new sounds and saying new words and I learned to talk.

Same with walking and riding a bicycle.

Maybe I’m pretty good at trying new things after all.

And what about when I fly to a new city?

I arrive in the airport and it’s all new.

I’ve never been there before, never seen those signs and corridors before

And I manage just fine.

I’m beginning to realize that I’m actually pretty brave at trying new things.

And good at it too.

So I’d like to change some of my beliefs and programming around new things.

Take a deep breath.

Karate Chop again

Even though there’s that part of me, with the job of keeping me safe and alive

and it’s telling me to Be Careful, to Watch Out, and You’ve Never Done That Before, You Might Make a Mistake,

I’m willing to let that part of me have it’s say, and say ” You, I know you’re trying to keep me safe,

I can try this new thing and still be safe. 

I need your advice when it’s truly a life and death situation, but not now, not for this. 

So keep quiet now and leave me alone. 

Even though I learned as a little kid that I have to Be Careful and That Can Hurt Me and I Need Other’s Approval, I also learned that I can make lots of mistakes and that’s the way I learned to walk and talk and ride a bike and it all turned out pretty good. 

Even though part of me’s still afraid to try new things, another part of me wants to.  And I’m rooting for that part!

Tapping through the Points

I’d like to be willing to try new things. 

I’d like to trust that I can figure new stuff out.

What if I could know that even if I make mistakes, I can recover

And it’s better to get out there, doing new things than to sit still, be safe, and never change, never step into the possibility of the life I want

What if I can trust that whatever happens, I’ll be ok. 

Because I’m strong

And resiliant

And creative

And I have all that experience of falling and getting back up and trying again when I learned to walk and to ride a bicycle. 

What if I could see myself at quite good at trying new things

And feeling good about myself no matter what

Seeing my mistakes and failures as evidence that I’m trying new things

And learning and growing and stretching into the person and the life that I want

What if I could see difficulties as happy challenges, intriguing problems to solve?

What if I could see failures as feedback, helping me grow. 

And I like to grow. 


Happy trying new things!  Hope this helps you be less afraid to try something new.


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