Fear of Being Seen – Afraid to Shine

Nearly all of us have some degree of the fear of being seen.  We may think of it as a fear of being visible, a fear of shining, a fear of standing out or a fear of revealing ourselves.

I know I’ve had this crop up at different times in my professional career.

This first arose for me when I began using EFT with my dyslexic reading students.

I was afraid of what the parents would think of me.  I was even scared of what the kids would think.  I thought they’d laugh or fire me and I thought I had to justify using such a woo-woo procedure.

Turns out the parents didn’t care – just so long as it helped their child learn to read!

And the younger kids took to it without question.  The older kids were a little skeptical, but readily accepted it when they experienced how well it worked.

Then I felt that fear of standing out again when I began talking about my EFT work on my dyslexia website.

I was afraid my conservative reading colleagues would see it and reject me. (Didn’t happen – in fact, one who’s reaction I most feared hired me to help her with her own personal issues!)

The biggest fear came up for me around sharing my out-of-the-box profession with my conservative family.  I’ve seen myself make continual progress on that one as the years pass.

Do you have a fear of standing out, of being seen?

You have a version of the fear of being seen, the fear of being visible if you have any of these five fears or aversions:

  1. fear public speaking
  2. are afraid of introducing yourself
  3. hate it when asked, “So, what do you do?”
  4. get scared thinking of creating a website and writing about what you do
  5. imagine being ridiculed, laughed at, criticized for your work

Here’s Your Assignment

1. Make these statements and rate how true they are to you, 1-10 (10 = totally true)

I’d dangerous to be seen. 

It’s not safe to be visible. 

My fear of standing out stops me from fully expressing who I am. 

2. Tap the script on this page, customizing it with your own words.

3. Make the three statements aloud again and reassess how true they are.

4.  Come leave a comment telling us about what changed for you after tapping.

This Tapping Script will help you look that fear in the eye and begin to reduce it.

Fear of Being Seen Tapping Script

New to EFT?  This page will help you learn the tapping points and get started.

Set Up

Even though I’m scared to show people who I really am, I accept myself anyway. 

Even though it feels so scary to really get out there, to be seen, I love and approve of myself. 

Even though the thought of being visible, and announcing to the world what I do, who I am, is pretty terrifying, I fully accept this fear. 


I don’t want to be seen. 

It’s too scary. 

I don’t want to be visible. 

What will people say?

What will they think of me?

I might be ridiculed.

Laughed at.


My family might not like me anymore. 

My friends might not like me anymore. 

My colleagues might not respect me anymore. 

I could be rejected. 

Kicked out of my tribe. 

And it’s not worth it. 

So I’m just going to keep on hiding. 

Playing it safe. 

Staying invisible. 

Take a deep breath. 

Set Up

Even though I can still feel some of that fear of being visible, what if I could step out in a gradual, safe way?

Even though theres’s still a part of me who’s scared of being ridiculed or laughed at, what if I could feel strong and proud of who I am. 

Even though I still don’t want to be ridiculed, I’d like to be open to the possibility that my inner being wants to shine, to be expressed, and that I will survive, even if not everybody approves of what I do.


Yep, I’m still scared. 

And I still don’t like the idea of being laughed at. 



And at the same time, I want to be me. 

To express who I am. 

What if I could come out of hiding step by step. 

What if I could first become visible to those who will be supportive. 

What if I could know I’ll survive, even if everyone doesn’t like what I say or do?

What if I can know that I’m strong. 

A survivor. 

What if I could realize that this fear goes way back – to tribal days – when it was life-threatening to stand out. 

And what if I could tell myself that I don’t live in that time any more.

What if I could be willing to be visible?

What if I could be willing to be seen?

To shine?

To stand out?

To announce to the world who I am and what I do?

I’d like to feel the confidence to do that,

Even it I need to take baby steps to do it. 

Take a deep breath.

I’m always supportive of you standing out, revealing your true self, being seen!


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