Fear of Finishing Things EFT Script

Fear of Finishing Things EFT Script

Below you’ll find an EFT script that many have found very helpful in clearing their fear of finishing things and smoothing the way to success.

Ever get stuck just when you can see that light at the end of the tunnel?

Do you have any unfinished projects around your house?

Do you ever lose interest in completing something that felt like a terrific idea when you started it?

Not surprisingly, these things happen to lots of people.

Many people have blocks around finishing things.  Around getting things done.

What Does it Hurt…

…to Litter Your Mind, Computer, House and Business With Unfinished Projects?

What and who it hurts is that creative part of you that wants to be expressed.

Fear of completing things limits your potential for self-expression.

Stifles your creativity (the creative part starts to get the message that it isn’t needed or appreciated and slowly shuts down).

It lessens your trust in your intuition, because when a great new idea comes to you, you also remember all the great ideas you’ve had in the past, that are now gathering dust.

It greatly reduces your ability to earn more money.

Any Hope?

But instead of feeling comfy, in the company of like-blocked buddies, you can clear your blocks!

EFT is the perfect tool to ferret out the root cause of your resistance and turn it into passion and the drive to get done.

EFT Tapping Script for Fear of Completing Things

Here’s a tapping script to help you release the inability to finish things.

Dumping Round

Set Up

Even though it’s really hard for me to finish anything, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though all kinds of obstacles come up for me when I’m about to finish something, I love and accept myself just that way I am.

Even though finishing projects feels nearly impossible to me, I accept myself and all my feelings.


Eyebrow Point: It’s so hard for me to finish something.

Side of Eye: It’s really hard for me to finish things.

Under Eye: I’m so inspired when I begin projects.

Under Nose: And I’m full of creative ideas.

Under Chin: But somewhere during the project, I lose motivation.

Collarbone: I just don’t care about finishing it to that point.

Under Arm: But this lack of being able to finish things is really getting in my way.

Top of Head: When I can never finish anything, I don’t get the success that I could have.

Tapping Round 2

Eyebrow Point: And it also means that I’m continually starting new things.

Side of Eye: I’m great at starting new things.

Under Eye: I love starting new things.

Under Nose: But it so hard for me to finish things.

Under Chin: Sometimes, I just get distracted because I think a whole bunch of new projects to start.

Collarbone: Sometimes, I just get exhausted and sleepy and I can’t finish.

Under Arm: Sometimes I feel too scared to move forward.

Top of Head: Sometimes I get amnesia and I just can’t even remember what the current project is.

Tapping Round 3

Eyebrow Point: Sometimes I just completely lose interest.

Side of Eye: Sometimes, the task just becomes a huge struggle – nearly impossible.

Under Eye: Sometimes I lose things, making it difficult to do the project because I don’t know where I have all the important information I need to complete it.

Under Nose: Sometimes I actually lose parts of the projects – things I’ve already finished.

Under Chin: All kinds of things get in my way.

Collarbone: Obstacles come up out of nowhere.

Under Arm: It seems like the universe is just conspiring against me to make it impossible for me to finish things.

Top of Head: I just can’t finish projects.

Take a deep breath.

So now let’s do a round of resistance tapping and imagining what the issue might be.

Resistance Tapping


Eyebrow Point: Maybe I don’t want to finish projects.

Side of Eye: Maybe they’re no good any more and that’s why I quit.

Under Eye: Maybe they were just a bad idea to begin with and so it makes good sense to quit them.

Under Nose: Or maybe, I just don’t want to risk failing.

Under Chin: Maybe I don’t want to look bad if people ridicule my project.

Collarbone: Maybe I just don’t want people laughing at me.

Under Arm: Maybe I don’t want to stand out at all and if I finish things, I’ll stand out, I’ll be visible.

Top of Head: Maybe I’d rather be lazy than incompetent.

Take a deep breath.

Dreaming Round

Even though it is really hard for me to finish projects and I really can’t image this tapping is going to make any changes, I love and accept myself just the way I am.

Even though when I’m about to finish a project and all these obstacles get in my way – forgetfulness, amnesia, exhaustion, fear, losing things, struggling, I wonder whether it would be possible to clear those inner obstacles.

Even though finishing things feels nearly impossible to me, I wonder what it is that‘s causing this in me. I’d like to be open to insight about that so that I can release my resistance.


Eyebrow Point: I’d like to be open to insight about the cause of this inner resistance.

Side of Eye: What if I could release this resistance? (Hear me yawning? This is an issue for me and I’m yawning while I tap. Yawning is a sign of release.)

Under Eye: What if I could maintain my inspiration from start to finish? Wow! That would feel so good.

Under Nose: What if I could know that when I get exhausted or sleepy, it’s just resistance and tap through it?

Under Chin: What if I could maintain my focus and passion on the current project…

Collarbone: …letting other ideas come to me as they always do but just noting them and going back to my current project.

Under Arm: What if I could find everything I need to easily stay organized?

Top of Head: What if I could feel safe even when standing out?

Eyebrow Point: What if I could know that being in the lime-light, standing out and shining is automatically going to draw a certain amount of ridicule and criticism?

Side of Eye: What if I could just feel strong and accept that and know it is an element of success?

Under Eye: What if I could notice when I begin to struggle and things become difficult and just stop and tap on that?

Under Nose: What if my interest could remain high throughout a project?

Under Chin: And what if I could see the loss of  interest for what it really is – fear and resistance?

Collarbone: What if I could finish what I’ve started with ease?

Under Arm: What if I could finish what I’ve started with passion?

Top of Head: What if I could be equally motivated at every phase of my projects? Wow! Wouldn’t that feel good?

Take a deep breath.

As always, you want to pay attention to what comes up from you while we’re tapping. If a memory comes up for you, while tapping, it’s probably related. You want to particularly look for an event from your life  where you were doing some creative project and got in trouble or something bad happened to the finished product, or when something bad happened when you finished something.

In school, for example, you may have gotten laughed at about the project you created. You may have gotten a bad grade, or may have gotten in trouble for putting all your creativity into something.

Or as a young child, you may have done something you thought was wonderful like painting the wall  in your bedroom.  Turns out the somebody else, you mother or your father, didn’t like it so much and you got in big trouble.

An event like that in your life can initiate a belief that it’s not safe to express your creativity and make it difficult for you to finish projects.

If you noticed anything like that or any memory came up, you want to go back and tap on that event and clear the remaining upsetting emotion and negative programming (limiting beliefs) from that memory.

Deciding Round

Even though there’s a small part of me that still feels like it wouldn’t be safe to finish projects, I’ve decided that I’m going to do it anyway.

Even though there’s still a part of me that believes that I’m going to feel exhausted when I’m about ready to finish, or distracted, or inspired about something new, I’ve decided that I’m going to simply notice those things and keep on working on the current project.

Even though there’s part of me that expects to have a huge struggle when I’m nearing a point of completion, I’ve decided that’s okay. If that struggle comes, I will smile, knowing that’s the sign I’m almost finished and I will relax, do some tapping, and release the resistance.


Eyebrow Point: This remaining struggle about finishing things.

Side of Eye: This remaining fear that it’s not safe to finish things.

Under Eye: This remaining need to get inspired about a different new project instead of finishing the current one.

Under Nose: This remaining belief that I will get exhausted and sleepy.

Under Chin: This remaining concern that I’ll completely lose motivation.

Collarbone: This remaining concern that I’ll lose everything, I won’t be able to find the important parts of a project.

Under Arm: This remaining fear that it will be a huge struggle.

Top of Head: This remaining belief that I get bored with projects because they’re not as good as I thought they were when I started them.

Eyebrow Point: I choose to finish the projects that I’ve started.

Side of Eye: I choose to trust that when I was inspired and creative to begin with, I had a good idea.

Under Eye: I choose to finish the project, no matter what.

Under Nose: I choose to trust that I will be able to withstand whatever kind of feedback I get when others see my projects.

Under Chin: I choose to allow myself the possibility of success or failure.  And I also choose to see failure as valuable feedback.

Collarbone: I’ve decided that I am strong enough to face the reactions of others.

Under Arm: I’ve decided that I want to know what others think about my work.

Top of Head: I choose to allow my project to be completed and shown.

A Final Round of Affirmations

Eyebrow Point: I’m a creative person.

Side of Eye: I have great ideas.

Under Eye: I’m good at completing my ideas.

Under Nose: I like it when my projects are finished.

Under Chin: It’s a great feeling to finish something.

Collarbone: My ideas are good and deserve to be completed.

Under Arm: I’m strong and capable.

Top of Head: I like my completed projects to be seen and appreciated by others.

As always, I love to hear your feedback on this EFT Script for fear of finishing things.  Write your comment below!


Clearing Clutter with EFT

p.s.  A product that really helped me overcome my obstacles to finishing things is the, believe it or not, Clearing Clutter with EFT program by Carol Look.

This program goes in depth into the various reasons we can’t get stuff done.  It helps break the inner resistance.

Procrastinating things like taxes is now a thing of my past.

Easy to tap along with.  Informative. I highly recommend it.


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