How Saying YES to Your Challenges Can Help Them Shrink

There are good reasons to avoid thinking about painful stuff.World Tapping Summit 2013

First:  it’s painful!  It’s no fun. It feels bad.

Second, we’ve been well trained to know that we attract more of what we think about, so we do everything we can to NOT think about our problems and challenges.

So why would we want to say “yes” to our challenges – and how could this possibly help them shrink?

All the effort you spend trying not to think of your problems and challenges takes energy.  It’s like pinching off the opening of an inflated balloon.  It may not feel like much much strength is required, but pinching that balloon for hour after hour, day after day – that’s hard work!

And your troubles are growing in the back of your mind anyway, pushing their way into your conscious awareness like weeds popping up in a green lawn.

Instead of trying to pinch them off or mow them down, try this instead.

Say YES to your challenges!

And I mean literally.

Name your challenge out loud, “I have $10,000 of credit card debt!”

Then say, “YES!”

Or, “I’m 20 pounds overweight!  I’m fat!  YES!”

“My teenage son hasn’t spoken to me in 3 days.  He says he hates me.  YES!”

I know, I know.  This sounds completely crazy.

And until you do it, you cannot imaging how it can possibly help – how great it can feel.

Here’s how:

  • You are acknowledging your pain, your fear, your worry. 
  • You are agreeing that it’s happening, by saying YES to it.
  • Instead of suppressing or repressing or denying it, you’re accepting that it’s happening in your life.
  • You are accepting that you’re feeling fear or shame or anger or sadness.

And what can that do for you?

You’ll have to try it to experience the benefits, but they can be dramatic.  Here’s what I and others I’ve shared this process with have gained:

  • relief!
  • a burst of energy
  • greater confidence
  • intuitive insights about how to solve the situation
  • motivation to take positive action
  • less shame, fear, dread, worry – more creativity
  • creativity, resourcefulness – solutions can spontaneously occur to you

When you let go of the resistance you’ve been using to keep from facing, embracing, saying YES to your pain, you can feel MUCH better FAST!

And one thing I’ve seen over and over with my clients, when I use this process with them . . . is that when the resistance drops, resourcefulness steps in.

How To Say YES to Your Challenges

I encourage you to give this simple, and strange, practice a go right now.   Do this:

1. Identify your most pressing issue

2. Give it a short title (i.e. “I’m $20,000 in debt.”)

3. Say it boldly, assertively, loudly and add “YES!” to your statement.

4. While tuning into your most pressing issue, continue saying Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

5.  Added bonus:  Say YES! while stomping around the room or jumping up and down (a mini-trampoline or rebounder works great for this.) or tapping through EFT points.

Do it, then come back to this post and share with others how this process worked for you.

My love and blessings!


P.S. Being skilled at doing EFT can free up so much energy to life the life you WANT to be living.  It’s absolutely worth any time spent learning and doing it.

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