How to Find Your Passion When It’s Scary As H#ll

Finding Your Passion in Life

How to Find Your Passion

Want to know how to find your passion in life?  Coming home from NAMS7 (Niche Affiliate Marketing System) yesterday, I was dragging, exhausted, through the Atlanta airport, when I saw this sign.   

Even though I was barely conscious because my head was overflowing with new creative ideas for my business, I still noticed the power in this image and the message it delivered.  

I actually passed it by at first,  as I turned the corner from security check to gate C10.  I was so tired – from 4 exciting days at NAMS.  But then I turned back, thinking, “You’ve got to take a picture of this.  This is an awesome message.”  

First off, a disclaimer.  I’m no expert on teaching people to find their passion in life.  I’m not claiming I can teach you how to find your passion.  But this giant poster stimulated thinking about passion in my life, and I hope it does that for you too. 

And below, there’s a tapping script that will help you release some of the fears that may block you from even trying to find your passion. 

What does passion feel like to you? 

When I think of passion (in life, in bed, in work), I think of many things, like . . .

  • letting go of inhibitions
  • revealing the inner you
  • going beyond fear
  • unfiltered emotion
  • going for it
  • honoring what you want
  • being Self-centered
  • zero self-consciousness
  • letting your animal nature emerge & show
  • feeling your desire
  • being totally authentic

I think and write about having passion in business, but seeing this sign put passion FOR LIFE in my radar. 

Not because of the caption, “Kicked her way to the top,”  but because of the look on Mia’s face. Her posture.  

Her looks says to me, “I’m going to do what it takes to win. ” “I’m in this body, mind and soul.”  She’s not thinking, “What will people think of me? What if I look stupid?  Do they like me?”

No, every cell in her body, every thought in her head – all are passionate about her goal, which has nothing to do with looking good, with pleasing others. 

I think most of us are scared to feel and express that kind of passion. 

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I am!

When we tap into our deepest passions, we’re vulnerable to criticism, to being shot down or laughed at.  

It reminds me of the focus, feeling and foolishness I wrote about in Justin Bieber tapping.   

I think we’re usually holding back.  

Being cautious.  Careful. Polite.  Reserved.  Timid.   

Trying harder to fit in than to be ourselves.  Wanting to please others more than we want to please the sensuous animal inside us.  

Those are all Passion Stoppers.  Passion Dampeners.  

They put out the flame of passion like pouring a bucket of water on a blazing campfire.   

But the passion embers will survive.  Hidden, but still smoldering. Buried under the smoke and ash of our fear.  

Interested in seeing what embers of passion lie dormant in you? Curious about the possibility of finding your passion in life? 

Open to the breath of inspiration and courage to blow them into flame?    

Here’s a tapping script to help you fan your passion embers to life.  I’ve created a short one and a long one – do either or both!

(New to this strange thing we call Tapping, or EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques? Go to Getting Started With EFT to begin your journey.  And see the EFT tapping points here. )

Short Tapping Script

Eyebrow:  I don’t have any passion. 

Side of Eye:  I’m just not a passionate person. 

Under Eye:  I’m not like Mia!

Under Nose:  Feeling that kind of passion is way too risky. 

Under Chin:  And I don’t like taking risks. 

Collarbone:  Nope – I don’t do passion. 

Under Arm:  Rather be quiet, polite and invisible, thank you. 

Top of Head:  That kind of passion is just not for me. 

 Nice deep breath. 

Eyebrow:  Hmmm, what if I actually DO have some passion inside me?

Side of Eye:  What might I be passionate about?

Under Eye:  What if I could allow myself to tap into just a tiny part of my passion?

Under Nose:  What if I could feel safe AND feel some of the passion that’s in me?

Under Chin:  It might be ok to tune into a tiny bit of my inner passion. 

Collarbone:  I might be ok with that.  

Under Arm:  Just maybe. 

Top of Head:  I’m open to exploring the possibility of opening a little to my dormant passion. 

Tapping Script: Long Version


Tapping continually on the karate chop point:

Even though I don’t feel like I even have any passion, that’s ok. 

Even though it wouldn’t be prudent or polite to express passion, and I’m not willing to make a face like Mia, I am mighty fine, just the way I am. 

Even though passion feels downright dangerous, reckless, way too raw, I am perfectly ok staying passionless and cool. I mean it!

Tapping through the points:

Eyebrow:  I don’t have any passion. 

Side of Eye:  I’m just not a passionate person. 

Under Eye:  Passion’s not in my blood. 

Under Nose:  I’m not like Mia!

Under Chin:  She looks too mean. 

Collarbone:  Too raw and open.  

Under Arm:  Too unreserved, out there. 

Top of Head:  That kind of passion is just not for me. 

Eyebrow:  Besides it’s too self-centered. 

Side of Eye:  Too revealing. 

Under Eye:  Not controlled. 

Under Nose:  Not safe. 

Under Chin:  And I’ve got to stay safe and in control. 

Collarbone:  Besides, it’s more respectable. 

Under Arm:  It’s what others expect of me. 

Top of Head:  Heavens, I couldn’t let my passions flow.  What WOULD they think?

Take a nice, controlled :) deep breath.   

Eyebrow:  What if there ARE some embers of passion still hot inside me?

Side of Eye:  What if I actually DO have a little passion buried deep inside?

Under Eye:  What if I could allow myself to tap into just a tiny part of my passion?

Under Nose:  What if I could feel safe AND feel some of the passion that’s in me?

Under Chin:  It might be ok to tune into a tiny ember of my inner fire. 

Collarbone:  I might be ok with that.  

Under Arm:  No way!  That’s way too raw!

Top of Head:  Actually, I think it might feel good to feel just a little of that passion, like Mia feels. 


Eyebrow:  I think I’d like to allow a little more passion into my life. 

Side of Eye:  Passion could give me energy

Under Eye:  Passion could allow more of my wild animal nature to emerge.

Under Nose:  Yikes! That sounds scary. 

Under Chin:  A little scary and a little exciting. 

Collarbone:  I’m willing to tap into my embers of passion

Under Arm:  To that part of me that essentially me.   

Top of Head:  That authentic part of me I’ve been hiding.


Eyebrow:  Thank you, wild inner self.

Side of Eye:  I appreciate all that I am, inside and out. 

Under Eye:  I’m revealing a little more of the real me. 

Under Nose:  I’m willing to honor what I deeply desire. 

Under Chin:  I’m willing to allow my emotions to flow. 

Collarbone:  And reveal my animal nature. 

Under Arm:  To be truly self centered (for a little while, at least)

Top of Head:  And be a little more ME, not concerned with what others think. 

How to Find Your Passion – Take Action!

And finally, before you go, please take a few seconds to leave some of your passion behind by answering 2 quick questions in the comments below. 

1.  What is one passion you’ve not yet dared to express?

2. What is holding you back?

Blessings on the passion within you!


p.s. Interested in a partner helping you figure out how to find your passion?  I coach a small handful of intrepid passion-seeking women.  Read Who I Work With to see if we might be a fit. 

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