Overcoming Resistance to Change – Tapping Script

Reasons for Resistance to Change – Humans Don’t Like Change!

Overcoming resistance to changeHere I’ve created an overcoming resistance to change EFT Script.

I’ve never liked affirmations, because they bring up so much resistance in me.

I actually think saying I’m happy and wealthy when I’m not makes me more unhappy and broke!

I’ve found that when you want to change something, let something go, the best way to start the process is by affirming that YOU DON’T want to change or let anything go!

That way those parts of your mind and body that want to keep you safe by doing this thing you want to change feel confirmed.  They feel understood.

Doing this tapping first loosens up the part of us that is gripping our current reality with white knuckles.  It allows for some levity and begins to introduce the possibility of change.

Read more about the reasons for resistance to change in this companion post.

This script is a generic resistance to change script that will work for any situation, from health issues to money to relationships to upsetting emotions.

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Set Up

Begin by tapping continually on the Karate Chop point while repeating the following phrases.Karate Chop Point

Even though I refuse to feel better, I love and accept all of me

Even though I don’t want this tapping to work, I accept and approve of myself

Even though I want to be a victim, a martyr, a self righteous know-it-all, blaming it all on everybody else, that’s where I am and I don’t want to be anywhere else. 


Now, tapping through the points, begin at the Eyebrow Point and tap one phrase at each point.  Tap 5-15 times gently at each point. For more information on the location of the points and how to tap, see New to Tapping.

I don’t want to feel better!

EFT Tapping Points EFT Tapping Points

I refuse to feel better.

I’m not letting this go. 

No way.

Who would I have to blame if I let this go?

I’m not letting anybody off the hook. 

I refuse to forgive. 

I refuse to let this go. 

Besides, who would I be without this problem?

I wouldn’t recognize myself without this. 

And, I wouldn’t be safe. 

I might be in pain, suffering and stuck . . .

But it’s familiar. 

It’s MY pain.  My suffering.  My stuckness. 

So I’m not letting it go. 

Besides, I like being a victim. 

Holding everyone and everything responsible for my life. 

Instead of me. 

I get to be a victim and a little kid. 

I refuse to grow up. 

I refuse to change. 

Change is hard. 

Change is dangerous. 

I’m staying small, stuck, suffering and sick. 

And you can’t make me change. 

So there. 

I’d love it if you’d come back here to share how this overcoming resistance to change tapping script works for you.  I use something like this whenever I set out to change something that’s been with me over a month or something that seems daunting or scary to change.



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