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What Happened Here Last Year

Since many folks reading this blog are following along on my international adventures and intention to support myself through the efforts of this website, I thought I’d devote an article to an update of how it’s going.

In addition to giving you information, I’d also love some info from you!

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I started EFTTappingTechniques.com in March of 2010.  My dream was, and is, to support myself financially with the site.  Although that’s not happening yet, I have much more to be confident about than ever before.

As with any brand new site, I started with zero visitors, as I was essentially invisible to anyone trying to find me with Google.  Here’s a screenshot of my traffic growth.

Each blue dot indicates a month.  You can see my steady growth in site visitors from 0 in March to nearly 4000 a month in December.

Other Stats

152 visitors per day, average of last month

1,132 subscribers to my newsletter as of Jan 3.

Thank you all!

Site Growth Parallels Personal Growth

It’s an interesting and challenging and time-consuming process learning the ropes of making a living online.  I’ve experienced a learning curve that’s paralleled the growth of visitors.

Starting a brand new business and needing to learn so much about how to do it and what to do has been rich with growth opportunities for me.  I’ve run smack into many emotional brick walls and resistance in many disguises.   It’s been quite wonderful to have the powerful tool of EFT to help me through it all.

Not to mention that I sold my house, truck and let go of all my belongings and left the US in September of this year.  That was a pretty big challenge too (understatement).

This website has actually been my anchor.

Knowing every day that I had valuable work to do, which others appreciated, and that I was passionate about, has helped me stay grounded, while having no permanent home.

And much of the content I’ve created by sitting down to do some of my own tapping, then thinking, “Hey, I bet there would be readers who would benefit from this too!”  So I’d record it or type it up and put it on this site.

Hatching My Own First Product

I’m in the last weeks of gestation for my first very own product. Yay!

In it, I teach a group of special MindBody methods for turning stress and anxiety into calm confidence.

The product offers a special EFT method developed especially to clear the root causes of anxiety.  It includes ten powerful MindBody techniques to retrain the mind and body to react to life challenges with calm confidence instead of anxiety.

This product may interest you if you could describe yourself like any of these:

  • If I’m stressed I don’t think I make good decisions
  • My anxiety has a negative effect on my work and my relationships.
  • Some mornings I wake up anxious and I don’t have a clue what caused it.
  • Sometimes a wave of anxiety will wash over me and keep me feeling jittery for hours.
  • I just seem to be a naturally anxious person.
  • My friends, family and colleagues wouldn’t guess how stressed I often feel inside.
  • I can get into an excited or anxious state that can last for hours, days or even weeks and I don’t know how to shut it off.
  • My most typical response to life challenges is to feel anxiety, stress or fear.

I’m so pleased with how this product is shaping up.  I’ll keep you posted about when the birth date is.

What Do I Do?

I spend between four and eight hours every day doing work related to this website and my EFT business.  During that time, I…

  • work with clients
  • write articles
  • shoot photos and videos
  • record audios
  • edit articles, videos and audios
  • answer reader emails and comments
  • post to my Facebook business page and Twitter
  • keep current on what others in the EFT and personal growth field are doing (I use Google Reader)
  • manage and communicate with Karen, my wonderful Filipina employee (she transcribes my audios and videos, proofreads my work, researches, writes articles and does work to help increase the Google ranking of my site)
  • take trainings in both EFT related topics and internet marketing
  • waste time the way we all do online (email, Facebook, web surfing)

Here’s an example of how I spent my time today.

5:30  Woke up  (I love getting up early). Did my Energy Medicine routine & morning stuff.

6:30  Left for Nai Harn beach in Phuket, Thailand.  Walked on beach while tapping and doing NLT on any hinderances to my own financial abundance and listening to Carol Look’s Energy of Money.

7:30  French bakery for breakfast (eggs, french bread, butter, jam, tea, orange juice, yum!).

8:00  Walked around Nai Harn area looking at apartments for rent.

10:00  Back at Shanti Lodge.  Started in on my day’s work, finishing editing one eBook for the CalmConfidence product and edited the other one.

12:30  Lunch with friends

1:00  Back to work on eBook

2:30  Quick swim in pool.

3:00  Back to work on same projects

4:30  Chocolate motivation break.

4:45  Back to work on eBook, survey and this article.

6:30  Done working for the day.  Went out to Indian dinner with a friend and watched a movie on my computer.

Enjoyable, productive, active and social day.  Pretty perfect if you ask me. And each day is different.

Site Income

A more prudent person would have stayed home and kept her steady work until her internet business was making an income before selling her house and leaving the country.

Well, that person doesn’t live inside of me.

The income from my online EFT business has generated $2387 since I started the business in March, 2010.  That’s pretty paltry if you average it over the ten months ($239/month).

But, I earned over half of that in the last two months, which is really good news if I expect to ever support myself with my online business.

You may be wondering how I make money online.  There are currently two ways.  One: When people click on products I show on this site and buy them, I get an affiliate commission.

Two: People hire me to help them with life issues and we do sessions over the phone or Skype.   I’ve just started that part of my work back up, after settling down in Thailand and becoming comfortable in the reliability of the internet and Skype.

In the ten months I’ve been in business, 66% of my earnings were from clients and 34% from affiliate sales.

In the next year, I will add my own products and increase my private coaching – both over phone/Skype and here in Phuket, Thailand.  I’m also planning on bringing a wonderful EFT master to Thailand (more on that soon).

So the percentages will change, as well as my overall income.

Thanks again, for reading, commenting, questioning, hiring me and silent support.  We are connected in many invisible and magical ways.

All my best,


p.s. Here’s the link to the survey.  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KHYPK6N

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