EFT in Krabi, Thailand

Natalie Hill provides face-to-face EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting sessions in Krabi Province, Thailand. She is currently living in Ao Nang.

Natalie specializes in anxiety and cancer, guiding her clients to use effective mind body processes to transform memories of the events in their lives that triggered their current mental, physical and emotional states.

Natalie has Progressive EFT certification (EFT Levels 1-3), many hours of training in Energy Medicine and Brain Gym and is completing her Matrix Reimprinting certification.  Natalie has trained with six different EFT Masters (Dr. Carol Look, Dr. Patricia Carrington, Lindsay Kenny, Rue Hass, Gwyneth Moss, Mary Stafford) and with Gary Crag, EFT founder.

Come to Thailand in May, 2011 to be trained in Matrix Reimprinting by Karl Dawson, founder and EFT Master!

What Is EFT Tapping?

EFT in Krabi Thailand

EFT is a form of mind body therapy that releases negative or limiting patterns of thought and emotion.  By bringing up a negative emotional state, while stimulating the body’s chi (or qi) energy system, the stuck pattern is release, allowing healthier, more resourceful mental and emotional states.

Tapping therapy is often referred to as emotional acupuncture without the needles.

This means that you can go from feeling grouchy and irritated to feeling relaxed and cheerful.  You can transform guilt into peace. You can lesson or release physical pain.

To learn more about EFT, see the original EFT manual, by Gary Craig, Emotional Freedom Techniques founder.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is a leading edge personal growth technique that can dramatically improve health and well-being, created by EFT Master, Karl Dawson.  The process guides you to access and transform (or re-imprint) upsetting or painful events and memories that are limiting you in your life today.

When doing Matrix Reimprinting, you do not need to re-experience the pain of past events in order to transform them. The technique is gentle, playful and profound in its results.

The Matrix Reimprinting process is excellent at transforming the roots of anxiety and serious disease, such as cancer.

You can learn more about Matrix Reimprinting here.

Natalie works with individuals over the phone and Skype, as well as in person in the Krabi area of Thailand. Learn more.

Hope to see you in Thailand!


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Natalie Hill is a Transformational Coach for women entrepreneurs. She loves empowering women to bust through their blocks so they can be who they were born to be. Contact Natalie at Google+

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