Goal Congruence – My Great Niece and Her Volleyball Team

Talk about goal congruence – I witnessed it firsthand yesterday.

I was inspired yesterday by the obvious total congruency of goals with life, when I watched my great niece Bailey, play volleyball with her T-Street team.

They played three matches, each consisting of a maximum of three games.  They only had to play two games in each match, because they beat their opponents in the first two games each time.

These girls know what they want.  They know why they want it.  They play as a team, all supporting each other. In turn, they are supported by the club, their families and by their coach.

This is a living example of Vision Powered Goals.  I’ve written about this in Dont Set Goals.

Bailey (#4) huddling to remind the team Why they play


Bailey serving


Bailey and her teammate block a shot


Des (Bailey's mom), Bailey, me, Shay (my sister), Troy (Bailey's dad & coach)

It was so fun to watch Bailey play.  She’s an excellent athlete.

But more importantly, she’s a happy and loving person.  I marveled at the connection the team feels for each other and the way they play.  They are each totally confident of the skills of everyone else on the team.

There is no showmanship or hogging the limelight.  They play as a true team – and they WIN!

I’m so proud of my great-niece.  She’s talented and loving. (Asked me how far I drove to see her play – an hour and a half).

Love to hear if you have any examples of goal congruence – your own or others.



 p.s. Want to be more like Bailey and her team?

Here’s a free teaching video that teaches you how to set Vision Powered Goals.

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