Natalie Hill

Natalie Hill jumping in TucsonNatalie Hill is a seeker, an adventurer, an explorer . . . of the world outside and of the inner landscape.

What She Loves

She loves friendships with people who want to talk about transformation, deep inner processes, connection with the Divine. 

She loves nature and the earth. She loves the . . .

  • fierceness of dragonflies, guarding their territory from all flying intruders
  • wake-up call of a rattlesnake’s rattle, waking us up to the magical, ephemeral nature of life 
  • rushing creeks with rocks to hop and slip off, 
  • getting pummeled by ocean waves, saltwater up her nose,  
  • slathering her body with mud and drying in the sun, 
  • feeling the ancient wisdom of huge old trees against her skin, drinking in patience, rootedness, stability, 
  • lying barefoot on a cool, moist slope, blood rushing to her head. 
    Natalie Hill in Thailand - watch out for elephants

    In Thailand - watch out for elephants!

She loves fresh, organic food. Especially from local farmer’s markets, from the proud, working hands of the farmer. 

She loves writing; she adores teaching.  

She especially loves the way the internet gives her the possibilities of teaching people from all over the world – while sitting barefoot in her living room (and soon – her RV). 

Natalie Hill – A Little History

natalie hill with sisters in Phoenix, Arizona

Natalie with her sisters in Phoenix, Arizona

Born in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Education, major Biology.  

Phoenix was smaller, simpler, cleaner, friendlier then.   

Her dream was to be a marine biologist, but she came to her senses when she realized she wasn’t a serious enough student to continue on to graduate school . . . and there was no knight galloping up to rescue her from the need to make a living. 

So she followed in the path of three of her four older sisters and became a teacher.  

Natalie’s necessity for novelty made even imagining getting a  teaching job in a regular city in the boring USA feel stifling.Natalie sent 150 letters to international schools across the globe and landed a job teaching science at an international school in Caracas, Venezuela. 


Natalie Hill in Thailand
Natalie Hill with Thai friends

Her kids loved her for the excitement in and out of the classroom.  Mosquito-hatching experiments, a giant spider, escaped from it’s container, and built an enormous web over the door frame, star-gazing overnight, spelunking through a river and bat-filled cave, a week camping on the beach. 

She went on to teach virtually all subjects in two Eskimo villages in Alaska, Russian Mission on the Yukon River

(think moose and beaver and ice a yard thick on the river in winter) and Pt. Hope, on the Arctic Ocean (think polar bears and seals and zero bugs in the winter – swarming with them in the summer, no sun in January, no sunset in June.)

Lorraine Faehndrich, Pamela Moss, Daphne Cohn, Natalie Hill at Ecovillage at Ithaca

Lorraine Faehndrich, Pamela Moss, Daphne Cohn, Natalie Hill at Ecovillage at Ithaca

Lately, Natalie spent a month in the Philippines and 8 months in Thailand, before living in the Ecovillage at Ithaca, where she met her fabulous new friends and business partners:

Daphne Cohn, The Pleasure Nutritionist, Pamela Moss, the Vision Powered Life Mentor and Lorraine Faehndrich, my personal Mind Body coach. 

Tapping Into Natalie

Natalie Hill on a motorbike in Chiang Mai Thailand

Riding a motorbike with Jim in Chiang Mai Thailand

How did this all lead up to EFT for Natalie?

Well, it turns out that excitement, that energizing feel-good state . . . is a lot like anxiety, that jittery feel-bad state.  

Natalie’s body would get stuck in the excitement/anxious state for weeks.  

This is known as sympathetic nervous system dominance (the part of the nervous system in charge of the fight or flight response).  

Ronald Mcdonald in Thailand

Ronald McDonald in Thailand

What she would experience – when she got a new job, fell in love, or had an unresolved conflict – was a many day or even many week body state of hyper-alertness.  

Racing mind, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss. 

After four decades of living like this, without the consciousness, guidance or tools to learn a new way of being, Natalie Hill burnt out her adrenal glands and experienced chronic fatigue.  

Natalie Hill jumping again

I'm exhausted just watching her jump!

She experienced constant exhaustion, allergies, infections and pretty much zero vitality. 

EFT or Tapping is terrific at resolving the root causes of anxiety.  In fact, discovering tapping made such enormous changes for Natalie that she studied to become a tapping pro so she could help others.

That’s how she ended up creating this website. 

Tapping and this website have given Natalie the opportunity to work from anywhere and continue experiencing life as an adventure.  In 2010, she sold her house, truck and got rid of all her stuff.  

She lived in the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia for 9 months.  Returning to the US, she lived in an eco-village in Ithaca, New York for five months.  

As she writes this, she’s planning to buy an RV so she can work from anywhere she can drive to.  

Natalie Hill tapping the EFT collarbone point

Natalie Hill tapping the EFT collarbone point

Natalie is passionate about teaching you how to do EFT to:

  • give you more energy
  • bring more happiness into your life
  • increase your passion for life
  • maximize your creativity
  • help you solve problems more easily
  • make every aspect of your life easier

If you’re interested in getting Coaching by Natalie Hill, see Who I Work With.

Want to get started learning EFT, go to Getting Started With EFT

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Natalie Hill is a Transformational Coach for women entrepreneurs. She loves empowering women to bust through their blocks so they can be who they were born to be. Contact Natalie at Google+

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