Sneak Peek of the Tap Into Money World Summit #2

Tap Into Money World Summit Trailblazers Trek – #2!

The “Official” Tap Into Money World Summit starts on May 1, at 9am Pacific with full-length interviews of each of 15 experts in the fields of spiritual business and money.

In today’s sneak peek, meet Lori Leyden, creator of Project Light.

LoriLori Leyden

Lori has lived in Newtown, Connecticut for the last 2 years, working with Nick Ortner to help the community heal after the Sandy Hook school shootings. One of the miracles Lori participated in, was connecting her young Rwandan “Ambassadors,” with student survivors from Sandy Hook.

Brian Whetten is the author of Yes, Yes, Hell No!  Brian’s my coach. He brings together spirit and business in brilliant ways.

Brian WhettenBrian Whetten

Eric Lofholm is the author of The System: The Proven 3-Step Formula Anyone Can Learn to Get More Leads, Book More Appointments, and Make More Sales. 

Eric LofholmEric Lofholm

Eric’s straightforward approach breaks your business down into the 3, simple things you must do. Watch the above video to find out what they are!

Enjoy Brian, Lori and Eric’s answers as I ask each of these experts the question, “What was one of your biggest personal obstacles in the way of your success and how did you overcome it?”

Have you reserved your seat for the Summit yet?

Click here to claim your seat in the 2nd Tap Into Money World Summit.

When you get yourself registered, you’ll also get your very own downloadable 22-page eBook, the Treasure Map.

This artist-designed book contains the Summit Schedule, plus a one-page training by each Trailblazer expert.

Get your Treasure Map here.Cover_Page_Standing6

YOU can get a sneak peak of 3 of the Summit Trailblazers here, today.

Here’s just a tiny hint of all the great TREASURES you’ll get from participating in this online virtual video event:

  • Get a proven formula to reprogram your mind to automatically attract success
  • Discover why you’re closer than you think to reaching your goals and dreams
  • See how 3-Minute Meditations Can Rewire Your Brain for Abundance
  • Learn the 5 Exact Steps you need to take to charge what you’re worth and get it with integrity and ease & without feeling like you’re doing any selling.
  • How to Enroll Terrific, High Paying Clients in Ways You Absolutely LOVE!
  • Learn how to build your most important asset so you can work from anywhere in the world
  • Really “get” that Money is EVERYWHERE and learn how you can make money now with skills you already have

Can’t wait to “SEE” you on the Tap Into Money World Summit!


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