True Meaning of Success

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The Real Meaning of Success

This video made me re-evaluate the true meaning of success.  I admit I cried watching it!

Lately, I’ve had many opportunities to view what’s happening in my business and make a choice in how I see it.

I can choose to see the results of my work as failure and reason to give up.  Or as feedback and something to learn from, motivation to keep going, an impulse to change my strategy.

Watching Derek Redmond, and the response of his father and of the crowd, has inspired me to keep going, no matter what.

I’d love to hear what this video meant to you.  If you’re so inspired, leave your comment below.

Keep going forward, no matter what!


p.s. Mind Whispering is an amazing tool to help you turn failure into feedback and help you stay confident and motivated – no matter what happens to you. Lorraine Faehndrich

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In the first webinar of this course, Lorraine teaches the powerful Mind Whispering tool.

I LOVE how this tool gives me a way to become a calm, assertive leader of my mind . . . leading me to see myself as successful, no matter what happens.

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