Whitney, We Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston We Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston will forever represent this purring and powerful voice, this message of love.  

Listen and remember Whitney, singing one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded – make uniquely beautiful by Whitney. 

Taken From Us Too Soon

When a person dies young, in their prime, like Whitney, Heath Ledger, Princess Diana, it shakes us up, affects us deeply.

Why is that?  

I think it prompts us to look inside and ask, what if it was me?  

What if my life ended now?  

How am I like him?  

What did her life represent that moves something in me?

How is this ending, this stop to a life, urging me to start something – to wake up?

It seems that fame caries with it challenges that most of us will never face.  But it that true?  Are we insulated from the fears, doubts, insecurities of fame?

Whitney feared she wasn’t enough.  

Do you feel that?  

Whitney and Heath sought out ways to anesthetize the pain of feeling too much, of hurting too much. 

How do you anesthetize your own inner pain?  

Food, alcohol, TV, reading, movies, shopping, sex, sleep, exercise, work, talking, staying busy.  

These are all ways we escape our pain. 

I’m not famous.  You’re probably not either. But are we so different from Whitney?

Do you want to be loved?

Want to feel good enough?

Approved of?


These are universal needs, perhaps amplified by fame, but universal still. 

The challenge is to see your obstacles as your opportunities for growth, healing – and perhaps a way to help others heal.

That’s in a nutshell, the way I approach EFT.  

I try to help myself and others use tapping as an opportunity for expanding instead of contracting when the inevitable pain of life comes along.  

As a way to growing stronger, more wise, more loving, more confident and courageous instead of becoming weaker, smaller, more resentful, more scared 

If you make “Your mess your message,” you can help others in the process of healing yourself. Probably you see that this blog is all about that. 

By healing your wounds, you become bigger, stronger than you were before.  

And you have the chance to others who have the same challenge you do.  This gives you the incentive to step outside yourself, to have an even greater motivation for healing your life.  You’re doing it for those around you, for all those others whose lives you touch.  

Sadly, Whitney Couldn’t Heal

For some reason, Whitney wasn’t able to heal her life.

“It was really her talent as her torment,” Diane Sawyer said on TV. “She had to come and tear a hole in the sky with her voice, and she wasn’t always sure it was going to be there. I think the terror and responsibility to her fans got to her.”

On some level, we can all feel a terror and responsibility for our lives.  

We want to do good.

We want to live up to our potential.  

We want make ourselves and those who care for us proud. It IS a big responsibility. 

Whitney, we will always love you because of your voice, your physical beauty, your unique nature, your frailty. 

And because you show us something similarly frail inside us. 

You prompt us to heal those insecurities, to strengthen that supportive, nurturing loving inner voice that is far more true (but often more hidden and soft) than the belittling, scared, insecure voice inside. 

Thank you for your beauty, your voice, your music, your life, your lessons. 

We honor your life. 

Keven Costner Remembers Whitney Houston

Kevin Costner’s memories of Whitney Houston at her memorial service. “Whitney returns home today, to the place where it all began . . . just long enough to remember the sweet miracle of Whitney.”

Thank you Kevin. 

 Blessings on the life of a beautiful woman, tormented, torn and still terrific. 


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