New to Tapping

If you’re new to EFT, have I got some goodies for you!

Follow these steps, and you’ll be comfy with Tapping in no time – and getting happier, feeling more energized, sleeping better, getting more stuff done (without the struggle) and becoming more of a money magnet.

Sound impossible?  Learn to Tap and see for yourself. 

Where the Heck Do You Tap?

Relax.  First things first.  The tapping points are by far the easiest part of tapping.  

In three minutes, you’ll have them down cold. Just watch this short video

And check out the Tapping Points diagrams here.  

Now you’re a pro on where to tap. 

Easiest Way to Tap on the Planet

People forget – or maybe they never learned – how easy tapping is.  In this video, I demonstrate the method I call, “Just Tap.”  

Psst!  You don’t use any words. (This is a GREAT method for kids or for people too upset to talk.)

And guess what – YOU can get great results with this method!  Try it next time you’re upset and witness for yourself how things change for you. 

Tell the Story While Tapping

Ever felt better after telling the story of something traumatic that happened to you?  Well, if you do that, and tap while you’re telling, you’ll feel MUCH better. 

This video demonstrates how to use the Tell the Story Tapping Technique.  I model by telling you the story of the time I wrecked my brother’s red Camero, when I was 15 and just had my driver’s permit. 

We went spinning off the left side of the road, with me shouting, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” 

Watch and learn how to use the Tell the Story technique

This is one of the essential basic tapping techniques that everyone needs to know how to do.  If you’re with someone who’s upset and telling you a traumatic story, it will be very helpful if you lead them in tapping, as they continue to tell their story. 

Great for kids too. 

What’s the Point in Being Negative?

Usually, people new to Tapping, don’t understand how there could be anything good about focusing on the negative.  

And I get that – I was once there too. 

But upsetting emotions and troubled thoughts are like a sliver under your skin.  If you don’t get them out, they fester, get infected and cause a lot more pain. 

This video tells you the reasons why it’s so important to focus on the negative when first tapping on a topic. 

And after you’ve watched that video, come back here and learn how to Vent!

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