EFT for Cancer – The Initial Shock

Want to jump to the audio, Tapping for Cancer?  Here it is:

I have just learned that a dear friend of mine has cancer.

This upsetting news prompted me to think of how I could possibly help her – especially since I’m in Thailand and she’s in Portland, Oregon.

Tapping, of course.

We’ve begun doing the work together that we’ve talked about doing so many times, over the years of our friendship.

She’s now got the biggest motivation of her life, to clear her past issues and resolve everything blocking her from feeling love, joy, gratitude, peace and emotional freedom.

I feel blessed to be part of this process with her.

I also wanted to create something she could use on her own.  And I thought of making a Tap with Me audio.

I dedicate this recording to my friend Jean, and to everyone with cancer.

(If you’d like to see this script written out, see the tapping script for EFT for cancer.)

First, a very important disclaimer.

I am not a medical doctor, nor do I have training or certification in any physical healing field.

I only offer these EFT scripts as educational.

EFT seeks to balance the energetic fields of the body.  These fields affect and are affected by our thoughts, emotions and physical states.

It is my belief and prayer that when imbalances in the energy fields are allowed to come into balance, the body is much more able to heal itself.

With that intention and much love, I offer this audio and EFT script for cancer.

Tap With Me Audio for Cancer

Here it is, with my love and blessings:

Click this link for the audio:


If you’d like a refresher or training on the tapping points, see this short EFT tapping points video.

And for more information on the Dumping, Dreaming and Deciding rounds, see the EFT Manual.


p.s. I want to pass on a special thanks to Jessica Ortner, from The Tapping Solution, for sparking my creativity to create this cancer script.

Jessica’s Surrogate Tapping Script posted on The Tapping Solution Blog was so beautifully done and healing (see Popular Posts, in the left margin).  I’ve used some of Jess’ inspired language in my Tapping for Cancer script.

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