Sensitive to Chemicals?

Chemical Sensitivity and EFT Tapping

Being chemically sensitive is becoming more and more common. Many people are sensitive to just a few things and some are sensitive to hundreds.

Having a sensitivity to a few or many substances, can disrupt and limit you life.  What are the options?

People with chemical sensitivities have three basic optons:

1. Avoid chemicals and limit exposure by lifestyle changes,

2. Be in the chemical environment and suffer whatever uncomfortable or life-threatening reactions result,

3. Resolve the mind body issues contributing to the sensitivity reactions. (Check out the tapping script and the Tap With Me audio – both will guide you in using EFT for chemical sensitivity)

Chemicals Are Everywhere

Being sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, cleaning supplies, smoke, inks and various smells can be tough to live with.

Chemicals are everywhere we go.

In order to avoid them, we have to isolate ourselves from the world in some way.  Some even choose to live in a remote, purified environment.

If we attempt to live in the world, while avoiding chemicals, it requires being hyper-vigilant and wondering if a place or situation will be dangerous to us.  We are always on guard.

Resulting Beliefs

Some beliefs for the chemically sensitive individual are:

Life is dangerous.

It might not be safe here.

I have to be very careful.

My body is sensitive and easily harmed.

Many things can hurt me.

The world is not safe.

Strong smells are dangerous.

I must always be on guard.

If you are a chemically sensitive person, you know what it’s required to keep you safe and healthy.  It’s taken standing up for yourself and asking that certain products not be used.  You’ve taken action many times to remove yourself from unhealthy situations.  You may also have purchased various supplies to create a cleaner, more chemical-free environment for yourself.

Change the World

Chemically sensitive people often try to change the environment around them.  They ask their places of business to avoid using toxic chemicals.  They lobby their grocery stores to isolate strong-smelling cleaners.  They request that those around them do not wear scented products or use strong chemicals.

If you are chemically sensitive, you know that there is no end to your attempts to change the world around you.

Change Your Inner Environment

But there is another approach, which allows you to take responsibility for your own health and well-being and does not require you to change the world.

That approach is to change you.  When you clear that inner expectation that you are sensitive and the world is a dangerous place, you are allowing – even instructing – your body to become strong and capable of remaining healthy, even in a world of chemicals.

With EFT and some other mind-body practices, you can transform you body-mind system from being hypervigilent, alert to chemical dangers and ultra-sensitive – to being resilient, relaxed and easily capable of safely transforming, isolating or eliminating toxins you come into contact with.

What is required is changing your beliefs, your expectations and your physiological habit of reacting with inflammation and illness.

When we are allergic to things, that indicates an immune system that’s over-reactive.  Here’s how you can think of an allergic reaction.

Mind Body Habits

Our reactions to things become mind/body habits.

When you have an emotional upset, the memory, the emotion and any physiological reaction will all be linked.

This has been proven with the use of certain very potent immune system stimulants, used in eliminating cancer.  One such immune system stimulant was given to cancer patients and at the same time a strong scent was released – a scent they were not likely to have ever smelled before.

The body associated the smell with the stimulation of the immune system.

The next time the researchers wanted to stimulate the immune system, they only had to give the associated scent.  The body created the same strong immune response – without the drug this time.

That’s the same way we will react to a scent that reminds our body/mind of a chemical we’ve smelled and reacted to before.  We’ll have the same strong physical response – just as if the chemical was present again.

The whole mind/body response to chemicals and scents is the reason EFT works so well on chemical sensitivities.

Related Memories

Sometimes the original cause of a chemical sensitivity is an event.  If you are eating grapes when you get the news that your beloved dog has died, you may develop a sensitivity to grapes.

In order to clear your grape sensitivity, you need to clear that event and the connection it has to grapes.

To help you begin to clear the expectation of having a sensitive body, so easily harmed by chemicals in your environment, I’ve created a tapping script and a Tap With Me audio recording you can use to help reduce your own sensitivity to chemicals.

photo by Faithful Chant


p.s. As always, I’d love to hear what you do with this script and your results.  Your comments are always appreciated.

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