Tapping for Pain

Tapping for Pain

EFT for pain Tapping Script

I’ve created a tapping for pain EFT script to help you with your tapping.  Pain disrupts your life in so many ways.  This EFT for pain tapping script is my gift to you.

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First, a disclaimer!  I am not a doctor or any type of health professional.  I’m not pretending to be a physician.  If you have physical pain, I suggest you see a qualified health practitioner.


That said, pain is related to stress. Our physical state is related to our mental and emotional state.

Any physical condition tends to get better when we reduce the stress in our life.

This script can help you release stress and that can have a beneficial impact on your pain.

Before beginning to tap for pain, tune into your body and assess your pain level, on a scale from one to ten.  How bad does it hurt?
Then assess again after tapping.  Notice how your pain has changed.  It may have moved placed, changed intensity or changed other characteristics. 

Tapping for Pain Script

Set Up

Tap continually on the Karate Chop Point

The Karate Chop point - tap here during the Set Up

Even though I’m in pain, I love and accept myself.

Even though I’m feeling this pain, it’s really uncomfortable, interrupts my life, hard to be positive, hard to focus on creating the life I really want

Even though I’m feeling this pain, I love an accept my body and all my emotions around this pain.

Tapping Through the Points

The Tapping Points - Continue tapping through the points while saying the script aloud or silently

Start at the Eyebrow point and tap the points down over the face, and down to the Under Arm point, then to the Top of Head. Start again at the Eyebrow point.

This is a long script.  You don’t need to do it all.  Just pick the parts that you feel most connected to – or say the whole script!

Here I am

In pain

it hurts!

All this pain

all this discomfort

Wouldn’t it be a miracle if I could let it go

If it could just vanish?


If this pain is trying to communicate something to me

I’d like to know what that is

I’d like to be open to that information

Body, I’m willing to face whatever you have to tell me

I can handle it

And I’m open to that information now


Maybe there’s something I need to know

Maybe there’s something  I need to take care of

Maybe there’s something I want to avoid

Some other pain I don’t want to feel

And this physical pain is giving me a clue

Or a reminder

Or it’s distracting me from that bigger pain


What if I could know what I need to know


Take care of what needs taking care of

Face what  there for me to face

Feel all the emotions hidden by this physical pain

What if I could relax now?


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Some of this pain

Might be from stress and tension

What if I could release the stress

I give my body and mind permission to release that stress and tension now

I’m releasing that stress now

Releasing the tension

allowing myself to relax


Maybe part of me feels

I need to  feel this pain

Maybe I think I deserve that

Maybe part of me is using it

To get back at someone

To teach someone a lesson


Maybe I’m using it as an excuse

To get out of doing something

To avoid something

Whatever the emotional reasons might be

What if I could release these

I’d like to be ready and willing to release these

I am willing to release all the reasons I might have needed this pain


I release any mental reasons

I release any emotional reasons

I release any physical reasons

I’m releasing them at a cellular level

I’m releasing them at an energetic level

Releasing them all the way back to my childhood

To my birth

As far back as they go

I release the need for pain

I now release any need for pain

I a willing to feel good

I want to feel good


Maybe there have been people in my life who hurt me

Who might have wanted me to be in pain for some reason

I no longer need to feel pain for someone else’s sake

I let go of any need for pain


What if I could feel worthy of comfort?

What if I could feel worthy of feeling good?

I’m letting any doubts about that go now

I’m allowing myself to love myself

I’m willing to do whatever I need to do

to take the best care of myself possible


letting go of need for pain

letting go of any reason for being in pain

I deserve to feel good

I release any limiting beliefs around being deserving of feeling good

I deserve to feel good.


I choose to feel good

I choose to feel as good as i possibly can

I allow my body to relax

And release tension and stress

I love and accept my body

I appreciate and approve of my body,

even though I’ve been feeling pain

I’m relaxing into peace

I’m relaxing into love

I choose to feel peace all through my body

I choose to feel good

I choose to treat myself with love

in body mind and spirit

Take a gentle deep breath.

Tune into your body.  Assess your pain level again – and notice how the pain has changed in other ways.

My wish is that this tapping for pain EFT script is helpful to you.

Action Steps!

1.  Assess your pain and tap for your pain

2.  Come back here and leave a comment, telling us how your pain changed and what you realized.



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