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EFT for pain Tapping Script

I’ve created a tapping for pain EFT script to help you with your tapping.  Pain disrupts your life in so many ways.  This EFT for pain tapping script is my gift to you.

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First, a disclaimer!  I am not a doctor or any type of health professional.  I’m not pretending to be a physician.  If you have physical pain, I suggest you see a qualified health practitioner.


That said, pain is related to stress. Our physical state is related to our mental and emotional state.

Any physical condition tends to get better when we reduce the stress in our life.

This script can help you release stress and that can have a beneficial impact on your pain.

Before beginning to tap for pain, tune into your body and assess your pain level, on a scale from one to ten.  How bad does it hurt?
Then assess again after tapping.  Notice how your pain has changed.  It may have moved placed, changed intensity or changed other characteristics. 

Tapping for Pain Script

Set Up

Tap continually on the Karate Chop Point

Karate Chop Point 150x150 Tapping for Pain physical issues

The Karate Chop point - tap here during the Set Up

Even though I’m in pain, I love and accept myself.

Even though I’m feeling this pain, it’s really uncomfortable, interrupts my life, hard to be positive, hard to focus on creating the life I really want

Even though I’m feeling this pain, I love an accept my body and all my emotions around this pain.

Tapping Through the Points

Tapping Points 800a 293x300 Tapping for Pain physical issues

The Tapping Points - Continue tapping through the points while saying the script aloud or silently

Start at the Eyebrow point and tap the points down over the face, and down to the Under Arm point, then to the Top of Head. Start again at the Eyebrow point.

This is a long script.  You don’t need to do it all.  Just pick the parts that you feel most connected to – or say the whole script!

Here I am

In pain

it hurts!

All this pain

all this discomfort

Wouldn’t it be a miracle if I could let it go

If it could just vanish?


If this pain is trying to communicate something to me

I’d like to know what that is

I’d like to be open to that information

Body, I’m willing to face whatever you have to tell me

I can handle it

And I’m open to that information now


Maybe there’s something I need to know

Maybe there’s something  I need to take care of

Maybe there’s something I want to avoid

Some other pain I don’t want to feel

And this physical pain is giving me a clue

Or a reminder

Or it’s distracting me from that bigger pain


What if I could know what I need to know


Take care of what needs taking care of

Face what  there for me to face

Feel all the emotions hidden by this physical pain

What if I could relax now?


580x90 PRWS Tapping for Pain physical issues
 Tapping for Pain physical issues

Some of this pain

Might be from stress and tension

What if I could release the stress

I give my body and mind permission to release that stress and tension now

I’m releasing that stress now

Releasing the tension

allowing myself to relax


Maybe part of me feels

I need to  feel this pain

Maybe I think I deserve that

Maybe part of me is using it

To get back at someone

To teach someone a lesson


Maybe I’m using it as an excuse

To get out of doing something

To avoid something

Whatever the emotional reasons might be

What if I could release these

I’d like to be ready and willing to release these

I am willing to release all the reasons I might have needed this pain


I release any mental reasons

I release any emotional reasons

I release any physical reasons

I’m releasing them at a cellular level

I’m releasing them at an energetic level

Releasing them all the way back to my childhood

To my birth

As far back as they go

I release the need for pain

I now release any need for pain

I a willing to feel good

I want to feel good


Maybe there have been people in my life who hurt me

Who might have wanted me to be in pain for some reason

I no longer need to feel pain for someone else’s sake

I let go of any need for pain


What if I could feel worthy of comfort?

What if I could feel worthy of feeling good?

I’m letting any doubts about that go now

I’m allowing myself to love myself

I’m willing to do whatever I need to do

to take the best care of myself possible


letting go of need for pain

letting go of any reason for being in pain

I deserve to feel good

I release any limiting beliefs around being deserving of feeling good

I deserve to feel good.


I choose to feel good

I choose to feel as good as i possibly can

I allow my body to relax

And release tension and stress

I love and accept my body

I appreciate and approve of my body,

even though I’ve been feeling pain

I’m relaxing into peace

I’m relaxing into love

I choose to feel peace all through my body

I choose to feel good

I choose to treat myself with love

in body mind and spirit

Take a gentle deep breath.

Tune into your body.  Assess your pain level again – and notice how the pain has changed in other ways.

My wish is that this tapping for pain EFT script is helpful to you.

Action Steps!

1.  Assess your pain and tap for your pain

2.  Come back here and leave a comment, telling us how your pain changed and what you realized.



In the free online Pain Relief World Summit, you’ll learn many methods of using EFT for pain relief.

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About the Author

Natalie Hill is a Transformational Coach for women entrepreneurs. She loves empowering women to bust through their blocks so they can be who they were born to be. Contact Natalie at Google+

{ 22 comments… read them below or add one }

Sarah December 27, 2013 at 8:32 am


Thank you for providing this. Using it for my foot and I feel
Now this cool breeze moving through my foot are
I don’t feel pain I feel numb and coolness and I feel like
I want to keep it still … But the burning stopped for a moment


Laura~PeaceofthePrairies June 5, 2013 at 11:39 am

I found this site this morning after searching for a script for my ear pain. I have a lot of inflammation and pain in my right ear. So bad that even after taking OT meds for it, it still is almost unbearable. I just finished tapping and it has subsided a bit. It is bearable now. Thank you! I will continue to tap this pain away!


Marguerite A. March 8, 2013 at 5:09 pm

I found your website this morning and have used your words for pain relief several times today to relieve deep-seated discomfort in my left knee, lower leg and back and I went from a 2.5 intensity to a .5. Tapping does work. I have been using it for the last month or so, intermittently and I have found it incredible helpful. I like your manual; it is clear, informative and practical.
Thanks for sharing.


Layla July 24, 2011 at 3:48 am

I have so many things wrong with me and have just begun to try this method. I am hoping this will help me. I have a multiple therapy approach as I have FMS, CFS, TMJ & Major Depressive Disorder. I have been disabled for over a decade now & unable to work. I am hoping that I can become better enough to work more regularly. Since now my illnesses make it impossible to commit to any sort of schedule. I am creative and ambitious. So I can only hope that I can get some relief using EFT with all the other therapies that I am incorporating.


Natalie July 24, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Layla, I think EFT is an excellent method for you. I suggest you tap every day, at least once and preferably more often.


Janet July 17, 2011 at 12:44 pm

Natalie, I found out I over exerted my right arm Ilooked up all the muscles that I hurt.They r sore,all those big muscles & under my arm.
Ie been icing them,I feel they r geting better-SLOWLY. I keep my arm close to my side.I stretch it & move it,my ulnar nerve is very sore.I have hard time bending to tie shoes,some soreness in back.Lost some strength in picking up things.No big pain.I did ur script several times,different statements-it helped.Yet,it may take time.As some may be deep seated,Ive been told .As my vertigo took time.I also felt to forgive myself as I was mad when I got hurt.Got soo much to get done.Idont feel Ive lost anything much,mostly soreness.Tingles above ulna nerve & under armpit.Thats where big soreness.I can move etc.Im keepin trying.


Kay Sibley July 16, 2011 at 1:48 pm

I’m in worse pain than ever Natalie.Does chronic pain get way worse
temporarly before recovery usibg EFT or is it not getting to root of emotional problem? Please help me as i’m suffering soo much.



Natalie July 17, 2011 at 7:36 am

Kay, I am so sorry that your pain has got way worse. I am not a pain expert. I’m not sure where to direct you, but I think Rick Wilkes does a lot of work with pain relief. He’s at ThrivingNow.com.

I personally think most of my physical symptoms (if not all) are generated as an attempt on my body’s part to keep me safe. So when I feel worse when it seems like I should be doing better (after tapping through some blocks or clearing some trauma), I assume that for some reason my unconscious believes it’s dangerous for me to let that stuff go.

To get some wisdom on why your unconscious might believe it’s not safe to let go of the trauma, get quiet and ask the question, aloud or internally…

“It’s not safe to let go of this emotional stuff (substitute your words) because…”

Then sit quietly and listen to what answers come up. That’s what you tap on. The reasons it’s not safe to let that stuff go.

Also, here’s a possible script, but what you discover yourself will be more on target.

Even though part of me thinks it’s not safe to let go of this trauma (or whatever you are letting go of), I love and accept my body and its wisdom.
Even though I’m in worse pain now that I’m doing this inner work, I accept all of me.
Even though I’m scared. Why should I be in way worse pain now? I love and approve of all parts of me.

The pain is worse than ever
I’m suffering so much
Why is that?
Why is my body turning up the pain now?
This is so hard to bear
Body, I want to work together with you
MInd, I want to work together with you
I want all of me to heal the roots of my pain
It’s safe to heal this pain
No, it’s not.
I have to hold on to this pain
I’m ready to let it go
No, it wouldn’t be safe to let this pain go.
The physical pain is keeping me from feeling an even worse emotional pain
What if I can clear the emotional pain and still be safe?
I’m strong enough to do that safely.
Body, I appreciate you for trying to keep me safe
ANd I’m ready to face my emotional pain
You an let go of generating all this physical pain as a distraction
I am safe
It’s safe to heal on every level


Kay Sibley July 16, 2011 at 10:11 am

Hi Natalie,

My emotional state is changing,but not the physical.FMS symptoms.
Is this to be expected?.And how would you describe a healing ‘crisis’.?
I know iv’e to address many more emotional issue’s.So is the body just
finding it a bit overloaded.? With all the Tapping,i’m finding the body
can’t cope,with my eagerness to battle on working on emotions that
are deep seated. Sore,and in more pain if i push too much .Is this what the healing ‘crisis’means?



Janet July 16, 2011 at 7:12 am

I had vertigo a while back- real bad,the room spun. I did EFT but for an odd reason it didnt work. I was unable to sleep on my right side,unable to turn over at all. I kept applying it. Then I remembered in my past-so I forgave my parents.Later when going to bed,i felt to try slowly to turn & it worked. Awesome.I have had NO problem scince. I feel the same now-I have sooo much to do,little time to do it,now being banged up-I cant help myself.Im MAD at me.Stressed.


Kay Sibley July 15, 2011 at 3:16 pm

Hi Natalie,

I will do your pain relief when iv’e finished Trauma release with Rick,and Carol.Said not to use anything else for now.
Sound’s really really good though.


Anca Dinca July 13, 2011 at 11:01 am

I can’t read the text. Is an unfortuned combination between the color of the background a nd the color of the letters.
I think that no matter how interesting is the article … it can’t be read ……. I’m sorry

Please send me this article in a usual “format” – blak letters on a white background

Thank you very much


Natalie July 14, 2011 at 8:27 am

Anca, I’m not sure what’s going on for you. The website I’ve created DOES have a white background with black letters. I suggest you try refreshing the page. Or uploading a different browser – Firefox or Chrome or Safari and see it the website looks as it was designed.


Janet July 13, 2011 at 7:07 am

My biggest pain is in my spine-like someone has their finger pushing in.Then also in my rotor cuff-just pain,under my arm,more or less around my rotor cuff. I have a puppy-6mos.hes a very lovable puppy ,but geting big-when I take him out -he tends to PULL me-Im 60 -NOT geting younger(lol)also -fixing my yard & inside up .I have done much alone. My sis said I over did & pulled muscle -plus Tarzie -pulling on me..I felt pain after doing yard work-plus dealing with pupy.I sleep good .I try to keep arm “cradled “to my side.I heat/ice it/EFT.Just unsure of HOW to do statements. So thru my day when I see a difference (lol) Ill send u my answer. My life has been sooodifference with EFT. We all on earth would benefit to use it.Its like talking to GOD & HIM laying his hand on u-AMEN! Janet


Janet July 13, 2011 at 6:57 am

Im told that sometimes we have to wait for a response-as we all have DEEP seated issues-so even doing EFT -it may NOT clear at the moment u applied EFT.I did ur statement & FELT something-but Im waiting a bit & will get back to u when it really hits .I know it will,as it has before. It does take sometime to release.As there is alot of childhood stress to deal with.,or mabe it might bring up another issue.At this moment -(lol)laughing out loud- Im STILL -sighing-(lol)so somthing worked.THANKS -sooo much. Janet


Lilyana July 13, 2011 at 3:44 am

Hi Natalie…
I have been using EFT for many times, but sometimes it didn’t work to me. It made me desperate :(

Miracle happened, I read your email and brought me here. After applied your script I felt relieved, very easy to apply. This is something I have been waiting for.

This is fantastic :)

May God bless your kindness and thanks a million.


Judit July 13, 2011 at 3:24 am

Thank You very much Natalie for this great script and all Your great clever ideas . You help me a lot and I’m grateful to You for all.


Rita Ibison July 12, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Before starting EFT I had pain all over my body. Had lived for 41 yrs of pain which I could ignore to some extent. The last two years though that ability went out the window. Now after 1 month and 1 wk of tapping, I only have pain in certain areas of my body. The site of the pain coincides with where an emotion is locked. I tap into the pain, finding out what the buried emotion is and release it. Now if a pain is noticed I can readily relieve it.


Natalie July 12, 2011 at 7:32 pm

Rita, that’s fantastic! I’m so happy you’ve discovered EFT and that it’s worked so well to relieve your pain.


Jane July 12, 2011 at 2:19 pm

I’ve been using EFT for over ten years, and consider it the best tool in my wellness tool box. About five years ago I started using and showing the short version and getting the same great results in half the time. Tap the emotion three times on four chakras, then repeat two more times (3 series). Example:
Anger, Anger, Anger (crown chakra, 3rd eye, heart chakra, solar plexes). Then repeat two more times. It’s easy to remember and I don’t have to give anyone a printed sheet or script.


Natalie July 12, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Jane, sounds like a great method. I’m going to try it.


mihaela July 12, 2011 at 11:47 am

I make EFT every day. And WORK’S !
I very much thank you m-s Hill


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