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Emotional Freedom Technique Founder, Gary Craig with a Panel of EFT Masters

This is the next in the EFT Videos series.  In this YouTube EFT video, David Rourke describes the stages of addiction.

Gary Craig asks David Rourke, why you can’t stop an addiction?  David explains that when brain has the perceived threat or anxiety, the brain looks for some way to tranquilize that feeling.

If alcohol takes away the anxiety, alcohol is perceived to be the solution.  Even when the person starts losing everything, job, money, family, alcohol is still seen to be the solution – because it takes away the pain.

In spite of all the consequences, there’s no relation between the addictive substance and the problems it’s causing.  David says the reason why people use a substance is because it works.

David Rourke then tells the story of how and why he got into using EFT tapping.


Natalie Hill

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