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EFT Tapping Therapy for Food Cravings

Here’s another helpful video in my EFT videos series.  Emotional tapping therapy is amazing at reducing the anxiety underlying food cravings.

This YouTube EFT video was created from a phone interview with Carol Look, EFT Master of tapping therapy.

I Had to Have Carbs to Survive

I began using EFT tapping at a time when I was doing a lot of emotional eating.  I had no idea what was causing my food cravings.  I just knew that every evening after dinner, I had to eat carbs.

If I didn’t eat popcorn, pancakes, bread or chips, I felt like I just couldn’t survive the evening.

That was when I discovered tapping therapy.

I began by doing what Gary Craig, Emotional Freedom Technique founder, called the Personal Peace Procedure.  This EFT technique includes doing emotional tapping on every disturbing memory you can recall.

No Idea What I Was Doing

With no experience, little skill, but a lot of faith, I listed all the icky memories from my life that had any charge at all.  I even listed things I imagined might still have a charge.  I had about a hundred memories on my list.

I began systematically doing emotional tapping on each event.  I started on easy ones.  Like my brother tickling me until I screamed, cried and bit him.  Moved on to the death of my first dog, Tinker Toy (a Pekingese).  And continued from there.

Things I was mad about, hurt from, embarrassed by, guilty about.  Any painful memory – I did Emotional Freedom Tapping on it.

I was amazed at how much emotion I still had for those events decades ago.

But the real surprise came in my eating.  A couple weeks into my Personal Peace Procedure, I noticed I wasn’t feeling that irresistible urge to binge every night.

Lost 25 Pounds – No Diet

The underlying anxiety that was making me reach for comfort in the form of food had simply melted away.  I gradually lost weight and around six months later, I was 25 pounds lighter and down 4 dress sizes (not that I wear dresses – that’s just what they say).  All without any form of dieting.

That’s what gave me absolute confidence in the power of EFT tapping.

I’ve been tapping ever since.

That’s my story.  And I’d love to hear YOURS!  Let us know how you’ve used emotional tapping and the results you’ve seen.


Natalie HillAttracting Abundance with EFT

p.s. If you’d like to learn more about Carol Look’s work, this book is a great place to start.

Carol is one of my most beloved EFT teachers.  I love her simple, straight-forward way of teaching and working with folks.  And her approach is obviously effective.

She’s also a wonderfully warm person (spent three days with Carol in New York City recently).


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