Procrastination 2 Passion

Stuck, Blocked, Can’t Finish Stuff?

Sometimes . . .

  • A painful story gets stuck in your head . . .
  • .  . . playing over and over, and keeping you stuck.
  • Or you’ve got this belief you’re not good enough, not deserving, not adequate . . .
  • . . . even though you know it’s not true, it still blocks your success.
  • Or, you keep starting on great new ideas, instead of focusing on finishing your current great idea.
All these are simple symptoms of procrastination.

EFT can help

Tapping can help you change beliefs that keep you stuck into beliefs that set you free.
Tapping can uplift your emotional state from scared and overwhelmed to confident and passionate.
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Stuck, Blocked, Can't Finish Stuff?
Procrastination to Passion
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