Don’t Set Goals! What to Do When Goals Don’t Work

Goal Setting Worksheet for People Who Don’t Like Setting Goals

No Goals!There have been many years when I’ve told myself, “Dont Set Goals!”  Because it was just too painful when I didn’t make them come true.

I remember a women’s group I was in some years ago.

Each January we’d meet to state our new goals and review the ones we’d set the previous year.  The last year I was in the group, I asked that we skip our the goal setting, because it hurt me too much to look at all the wonderful goals I’d set the year before that hadn’t come to pass.

This year, things feel very different for me.

First, I have EFT to help me remove the blocks that cause me to avoid things, give up or procrastinate.  I can identify my various blocks and tap through them.

I’ve learned how to discover your negative core beliefs, so changing them is more possible for me.

I especially like know how to change your beliefs using  the handy Belief Flip method.

Second, I have a great coach who is teaching me, inspiring me, guiding and supporting me to make the best decisions for my life and my business.  Finding and working with a good coach is worth every penny.

Third, I have the goal setting template taught by Pamela Moss, helping me get goal congruence.

In the video below, Pamela teaches her powerful goal-setting technique.

You’ll learn how to take a goal and understanding it in a MUCH deeper way, so all of you feels in alignment with it.

Watch as Pamela takes me through the process of creating a goal, using her Vision Powered Goal setting worksheet method.

Click here to watch the video


If the above video didn’t work right on your computer (it went a little wonky for some folks), you can see Pamela teaching her Vision Powered Goal method here.

Pamela teaches a beautifully expanded version of this process in her work. But in a nutshell, here’s what you do:

Goal Setting Template

1. Pick one and write specific description of your intention, expressed as “I am” statement with words of appreciation like “grateful”, “excited”  “ready to receive” “delighted to be attracting” “thrilled”.

I am + appreciation words + specific result(s) + from doing specific project or activity or practice.

I am so grateful that I am now allowing my mind and body to remain calm, relaxed and energized when I work.

2. Add sentence that expresses how feels to fulfill this desire and help others, or why you want this:

I feel x, y, and z knowing that this helps others in specific ways or I feel x, y and z when I have this goal because . . .

I feel secure, confident and optimistic, knowing that when I’m calm, the work I do is more inspired, more wise and will have a much more positive and Divinely inspired impact on my students and clients.  

3. Add sentence(s) about the ‘noble intention’ or purpose of this desire for you, those around you, and any connected to it.

a. why you want this – your noble intention for goal or desire

b. how will help/impact those around you (family, friends, workplace, community…)

c. how anyone who connects with it will be impacted (future readers, clients, customers, followers…)

My noble intention is to help as many others as possible break free of the inner blocks that keep them stuck, scared and small and allow them to realize and express their unique purpose on earth, helping to uplift everyone in their circle of influence.  

If you’ve been in the position where you dont set goals because you think goals don’t work, I’d love you to try using this goal setting worksheet.

Here’s what I’d like you to do:

1.  Write one of your goals using the above goal setting template

2.  Post it below, in the comments.  (I’ll start you of with another of mine.)

Blessings to you!



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