EFT Tapping-Playing Safe and Small

How I Used a Special Tapping Technique to Overcome Inner Resistance, Tapping Therapy

EFT Tapping Inner Lifeguard

EFT Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Tapping, is a great tool to use when you’re intending to make some big changes in your life, but feel inner blocks coming up. Using the form of Emotional Tapping I describe below will help you uncover unconscious conflicts so you can keep moving toward your dream.

The following tapping technique is a form of tapping therapy that works great to uncover the hidden source of resistance.  To learn more about the archetype I call the Inner Lifeguard, see this first post, introducing the  Inner Lifeguard.

My Story

I’m in the process of making some big changes in my life.

I’m selling my house in Milagro Cohousing, in Tucson, Arizona.

I’m selling or giving away most of my possessions.

I’m letting go of the forms of livelihood that have supported me for the last ten years.

And I’m leaving everyone I know and love to explore the world.

I don’t yet know where I’m going.  Probably somewhere in Latin America.  Maybe Mexico.  Or Nicaragua.  Or Guatemala.  Probably all those places and more.

Am I Nuts?

OK, aside from possibly thinking I’m totally out of my mind, you may also think I’ve created some pretty big challenges for myself.

Yep.  (And if I didn’t have the tool of Emotional Freedom Tapping, I’m not sure how I would be coping.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I would have given up on the whole idea a long time ago.)

But back to my Inner Lifeguard.

The other day, I tried out this Safety Statement on letting go of my possessions.

It won’t be safe to let go of all my stuff, because_____

Actually I thought I was just doing a little experiment.  I figured since I’m not a very materialistic person, letting go of all my stuff would be easy.  But I decided to use the Safety Question anyway, just to see what might come up.

I was sitting in my office at the time, surrounded by lots of technology

2 laptops, 2 big monitors, a printer, various still and movie cameras and all the stuff that goes with them, a walk-in closet full of office supplies and tools, some nice framed stuff on the walls, and three bookcases filled with books – mostly about personal transformation and energy psychology.  I had only read maybe half of them.

So I said, “It won’t be safe to let go of all my stuff, because…”

…and I listened for the answers.  They came fast and strong.  As I looked around my office at my books, art, technology, I heard:

You can’t let go of your possessions because they are a part of you!

You are your possessions!

Who will you be without your possessions?

You won’t be safe without your possessions.

And I was grateful, happy, shocked to hear all of that.

Why would those answers be good news?

I didn’t know that’s what I’d been thinking and worrying about, just below the surface of my awareness.

Most importantly, I now knew what was blocking me, so I could tap on those statements and clear them.

I could release that inner block that had been making me crave carbs (my old carb cravings had recently returned).

I could clear an unconscious conflict that could have sabotaged my move.

And best of all, I could use tapping therapy on those statements, right from the mouth of my own Inner Lifeguard and release my blocks.

There is one more post in this series about the Inner Lifeguard and playing safe and small.  See the conclusion of this story and to see how you can use this tapping technique to loosen the grip of your inner resistance.




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