EFT Tapping, Your Inner Lifeguard

Tapping to Calm Your Inner Lifeguard

EFT Tapping to Calm Inner Lifeguard

EFT Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Tapping, is a do-it-yourself method of clearing anything blocking your success.  Emotional Tapping is one way to calm your Inner Lifeguard, who keeps you safe, but small.

What stops you from making big changes in your life?

  • What stops you?
  • What stops you from dreaming big?
  • What stops you from taking risks?
  • What stops you from going for the big, exciting, creative, fulfilling, abundant future you might dream of?

Your Inner Lifeguard.

Wondering what I’m talking about?  Wondering what the heck is an Inner Lifeguard?

First a little story…

Imagine a swimming pool with a lifeguard standing on the edge, continually surveying the splashing, squealing  squirming masses in the pool.

What’s his mission?  His mission is for everyone in the pool to emerge alive.  To survive the day at the pool.

Does he care if they have maximum fun?  Nope.

Does he care if that girl perfects her back-dive?  Absolutely not.

Does he care if some guy impresses his girlfriend by doing a daredevil stunt that includes running across the concrete and leaping into the pool?  He won’t allow it.

All he wants is safety.

He doesn’t like splashing.  Or screaming. Or experimental dives.

He doesn’t like any form of innovation or creativity at the pool.  Why?

Because it could be dangerous.  People could get hurt.  People could die.

He doesn’t care if you make more friends, have more fun, impress anyone.

He’s not moved by creativity, expressing your inner self, learning, growing – none of that.

He only cares about survival and safety.

That’s it.  That’s his entire focus.  His only priority.

You have a Lifeguard inside you too.

I call him the INNER LIFEGUARD.

He was programmed over eons of natural selection to do everything he can to ensure your survival.  To keep you alive.

That means that he wants you to avoid threatening, scary or dangerous situations.  If it feels risky, he blows the whistle.  He bans you from the pool.

Your Lifeguard’s whistle may look, sound or feel like any of the following . . .

  • Losing your nerve
  • Losing interest
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety
  • Forgetfulness or temporary amnesia
  • Inability to focus
  • Feeling suddenly sick, nauseous, getting a headache, “coming down with something”
  • Fear
  • Exhaustion or sudden sleepiness
  • Getting distracted by a shiny, new, wonderful thing (the grass is always greener…)
  • Deciding that organizing your sock drawer is far more important than making progress on your project

What can you do?

You can get to know your Inner Lifeguard, this Bouncer of your Abundance.

You can ask one simple question.

Remember, the Lifeguard is all about keeping you safe?  So you ask him the question that he’ll most resonate with.

You make this statement and let him fill in the blanks: 

It’s not safe to __________ because __________.

Then wait to hear his answers.  Don’t be surprised if you hear things like –

It’s too risky.

What if you fail?

It won’t work.

You’ll make a fool of yourself.

They’ll laugh at you.

You’re not smart enough (educated enough, tall enough, prepared enough, skilled enough, cute enough, sexy enough, young enough, old enough, skinny enough, strong enough, etc.)

Check out my next post to find out how to calm your Inner Lifeguard.  In it, I show you how I used EFT to help my Inner Lifeguard relax and be ok with me taking the risks I took to sell all my crap possessions and leave the country.

Taking chances,


p.s. Read the next article in this Inner Lifeguard series here.

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